4 Wheel Alignment and Emergency Brakes of Ford Classic

This article is all about 4 Wheel Alignment and Emergency Brakes of Ford Classic

The braking system includes four internal expanding service brakes.One on each wheel,and an emergency or parking brake on each rear wheel which is also an expanding brake.

This design is made possible by specially developed two in one brake drums on the rear wheels.

The four wheel service brakes are operated by the foot brake pedal. The emergency brakes are operated by the emergency brake lever and are entirely separate from the four wheel service brakes.

Both sets of brakes are of the mechanically operated design and of simple construction, insuring positive action and highest efficiency at all times.


Adjusting Four Wheel Service and Emergency Brakes of Ford Antique Cars

4 Wheel Alignment and Emergency Brakes of Ford Classic

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Adjusting Four Wheel Service Brakes

Make  all  adjustments  with  brakes  cold.Fully  release emergency brake lever.

Raise rear end of car sufficiently to allow wheels to spin free from floor.

Turn adjusting wedge at both rear brakes until the brake drags them back of the wedge two or three notches or just enough to allow the wheels to revolve without drag.

To  insure  correct  equalization.The  same  person  should check the brake pressure by rotating the wheel.
After adjusting rear brakes, adjust the front brakes in the same manner.

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If adjustments are correctly made the brakes should operate as follows :

  1. Rear brakes should just start to hold when brake pedal is depressed approximately 1 inch.
  2. Depressing pedal about AI inch farther should tighten but not lock rear brakes and cause front brakes to just start to hold.
  3.  Depressing pedal approximately another 1/2  inch should lock rear wheels and hold the fronts very tightly. With properly adjusted brakes this should not exceed one-half of the total possible pedal movement.
  1. When brake pedal is applied with full pressure, rear wheels should slide and fronts should make a heavy impression or road print, which condition is obtained just before sliding.


All of the adjustment on the adjusting wedges is used up, it will be necessary to reline the brakes.

When this becomes necessary we suggest you take your car to an authorized Ford dealer. They are provided with special relining equipment.

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Adjusting Emergency Brakes

The emergency brake requires little attention from an adjustment or service standpoint, and with ordinary care will last indefinitely.Only when the band linings become excessively worn,permitting the emergency brake lever to come back to the extreme rearward position, will adjustment be required for wear.


When this occurs adjustment can be easily made as follows

  1. Fully release emergency brake lever.
  2. Remove rod that connects emergency brake lever to cross shaft center lever.
  3. Next replace the rod inserting it through hole in center cross member and connecting the rod to the cross shaft center lever through UPPER hole in lever.


Never adjust for wear by shortening the pull rods.


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Adjusting Four Wheel Service and Emergency Brakes of Ford Antique Cars Article Source :
This Article courtesy should goes to A NEW CAR instructions guide 1922 by Ford Motor Company Canada.