5 Types of Spare Parts

Have you paid attention to the parts used in the car when you buy ? Anyone who uses a car is concerned about its existence, maintenance should be done in a proper manner. For maintenance, there should be awareness of spare parts. The life of a car depends on the parts used in the car’s maintenance, fuel efficiency Also depending on the quality of spare parts of any vehicle.

Here are the 5 Types of Spare Parts

spare parts

5 Types of Spare Parts


Genuine spare parts

If parts are added to a vehicle, then the above spare parts will be trusted. In this case, you need to buy these spare parts only from the relevant organization. It’s a real extra. That’s an extra part of your car.

If you want to know more info about genuine Spare parts this article might helps


Original equipment manufacturer

Producing parts for automobiles is often not done. Otherwise, they have only limited spare parts. OEM spare parts are spare parts designed by manufacturers of auto parts manufacturers to produce the parts. Therefore, these parts can also be used safely


Substitute spare parts

These substitutes can be used when there is no possibility to buy spare parts for each of these two types. It can also be used with confidence. But only if original spare parts are not available.


Duplicate spare parts

This is the not Genuine parts. But the only difference here is that the price of these spare parts is less than one third. That is, there is a decrease in prices three times. Although the form is the same but low quality, You should not use duplicate spare parts. It’s can damage to your vehicle quality.


Used or recondition spare parts

Often, these parts are more reliable than Duplicate parts. These parts are parts of vehicles imported from abroad. These vehicles were used in the less-used vehicles in the respective countries. For example, buying a heavy spare part might be a waste of money if a head light truck breaks down.In this scenario good solution is used or recondition.


spare parts

5 Types of Spare Parts

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