6 Things your should know about an Automotive Condenser

This article is about the 6 Things your should know about an Automotive Condenser 

6 Things your should know about an Automotive Condenser

6 Things your should know about an Automotive Condenser

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Automotive Condenser


1 )  The automotive condenser is constructed with two plates of conductive material electrically insulated from each other.

2)   These plates are really two long, thin narrow strips of either lead or aluminum foil, each having a lead attached, and with the insulating material between each strip wound around an arbor.  One
plate is connected to the condenser lead and the other to the case.

3)  Constructed as it is, the condenser is able to provide a large conductive area which can accept an electrical charge.  Of course, the size of the area limits the amount of charge the condenser can hold.

4)  The condenser is connected across the contact points.  The reason it is needed is because of the activity which takes place in the coil.

5)  If there were no condenser in the primary circuit, an electrical arc would form across the contact points as they opened.

This arc would be formed by the primary winding’s self induced current.  And if it were permitted to occur, there would not be enough voltage induced in the secondary to jump the spark plug gap besides burning out the points.

6) Hence, the condenser performs simultaneously

a) the job of immediately stopping current flow to effect a rapid collapse of the magnetic field and thus induce a very high voltage in the secondary winding.

b) prolonging the life of the points. The condenser is an electrical device which

  •  condenses the amount of electricity flowing through the points;
  •  stops the current flowing to the coil
  •  prevents arcing across the points  (aids in stopping the current flow to the coil and reduces arcing across the points. )

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Article Source : This article courtesy should goes to Auto Mechanics Autodology – Technical instruction manual by System Operation Support.