AC Cobra Shelby Classic Cars

One of the lost manufacturers throughout history is AC Cars. A brand that, despite not being exactly a pioneer in the manufacture of cars with light chassis, was the one that made them fashionable worldwide.

This sports car was a spectacular sensation between 1961 and 1967, triumphing in competition and being a amazing for anyone who could drive it through the streets.

AC Cobra Shelby Classic Cars

AC Cobra Shelby Classic Cars

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AC Cobra and Shelby

The car brand AC Cars did not spend its best moment in the 60s. Because they were still using very old engines, because their production was not the best since the rest of the brands were increasing their market share, it seemed that it was destined to close.

However, Carroll Shelby (the famous pilot and designer) decided to invest in AC and take a 180 degree turn. They changed the old Bristol 6-cylinder engines for the Ford Zephyr and decided to create a car with its own name. A V8 with Chevrolet engines and a very light chassis.

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How Shelby Cobra is Made?

The result was AC Cobra or, as it is also called on many occasions, Shelby Cobra. The name was chosen by Shelby himself due to a dream he had and the equipment was a 221 ci Ford 8V engine (Chevrolet did not want to participate in the project) and a CSX2000 chassis.

The funny thing is that everything was produced and manufactured in Surrey, England, so the cars had to be sent to Los Angeles disassembled by parts. That’s where the tests began and when Carroll Shelby was able to get the most out of this model.


Why AC Cobra failed ?

Although AC Cobra was a very powerful car with great triumphs in competition, it was a financial failure. In fact, Shelby himself denounced the brand for producing cars in the US without their permission, winning the complaint and forcing AC to admit (even if it were false) that all ACs were produced in the United States.

It is said that his failure was due to the fact that the benefits were superior to what the market requested. Too much engine, too much chassis and too expensive a price. In fact, the AC Cobra reached such speed (almost 300 km / h) that forced the establishment of speed limits in the United Kingdom.

In short, you could say that the car was born at the wrong time or at the wrong price. Their benefits were too good for what the market required, but they also ended up falling short in competition over time.

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