Ace Classic Cars Spare Parts Details

Here is the Spare parts details of Ace Classic Cars  in 1920.

Ace Classic Cars : Engine ,Cylinders Battery Type Tire Weight Value Motor Steering and Other Informations about Ace Antique Car by Apex

ACE by Apex Motor Corporation 1920’s

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Engine     Own , also H. E. Spillman
Cylinders    Six
Bore & Stroke    3!1.1 x 5″
Rated     H. P 25.3
Shape of Cylinders       L-head
Cast     Block Camshaft  
Drive    Chain Cooling
System     Pump
Oiling System       Force feed-splash
Carburetor       Stromberg
Fed By            Vacuum
Ignition         Connecticut
Start & Light           Autos-Lite
Battery       6 volt
Clutch            Warner Gear
Rear      Axle Make Salisbury
Type        Floating
Gear Ratio       (H) 4.S
Car Driven Thru  Torque
Wheelbase    123
Tread    56″
Tires    32 x 4″
Rims    Firestone
Rear Springs    Semi-elliptical

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Motor – Ace Super power four cylinder, detachable head, 35-40 H.P.Bore 3 and half inches , Stroke 5 Inches.

Breaks – Emergency internal and service external breaks direct on wheel,14 Inches Drums, All breaks equalized.

Equipment’s – Three pieces windshield,rain vision ventilating , Dome light : Cigarette , Clock : Stewart speedometer
Clutch : Borg & Beck

Steering – Left side drive, Center control, 18 inches solid walnut,steering wheel, warm and full gear type,three adjustments

Bodies – Five passenger sedan,Aluminium body, Heavy body frames,solid maple.



Below is a ACE advertisement which is published on early 1900’s.

The Greatest Advancement Made in Infernal 
Combustion Engine Design in Recent Years


PASSE!  “Indications are that the streamline, straight-side body is passing out.” So stated a writer in a recent issue of a well-known motor journal.

What more fitting and proper than that a car, bearing the name ACE, and powered by a motor incorporating the greatest forward step in engine design, should set the style and fashion in new body designs.

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In the mad race for quantity production, style and appearance were secondary considerations.   For proof, observe the marked degree of sameness common to most cars.   Style, always a big factor in the choice of a motor car, now influences to a greater degree than’ ‘ever the selection of this or that car.

NEW   The ACE in four new, handsome body styles establishes a new standard in motor car fashions.   There is an air of smartness and originality in their makeup that is as welcome as it is refreshing.   Each of these four bodies portrays true grace and beauty in every line and curve and offers a pleasing change in appearance to the man and woman who have grown tired of,a style which has lost its attraction.

Compatible  with  its  distinction  and  good  taste  in  body  improvement  are mechanical  features which lift the ACE frorr; the ranks of the  commonplace and identify it as a truly great and extraordinary motor vehicle.

Ace by Apex