AUBUlU Touring Car by Auburn Auto Dealers

This article is all about “AUBUlU Touring Car”AUBUlU Car by Auburn Automobile

AUBUlU Touring Car by Auburn Auto Dealers 

AUBUlU Touring Car Specifications 


Engine  Continental
Cylinders  6
Bore & Stroke 31/4 x 4 1/2 Rated H. P 25.35
Brake H. P 42
Shape of Cy L
Cast Block
Valve Lift 5/16
Camshaft Drive Helical
Cooling System Pump
Oiling System Force
feed and splash Carburetor tor Ray field l
Fed By Vacuum
Ignit ion Remy

Start & Light Hemy 2
Spark Plugs 16-’19 . 7  Prior. l\f ct  Battery Villa rd 6 volt
Clutch Dry disc

Rear Axle Make Columbia
Type Full floating
Gear Ratio (H) 4.42
Car Drives Thru Springs
Torque Taken By Torque arm
Wheelbase 120″
Tread 56*
Tires 3Jx4″
Goodrich strait side Firestone
Rear Springs Semi-elliptic
Weight  2955 lbs.

The Auburn is Easy to operate ,Simplest form of construction ,Inexpensive to maintain, Strength and power.


Here is the advertisement info posted by Auburn in 1910

Early in or automobile career we adopted that now universally knows phrase ” The most for the money ”
Year before some of the new things in Automobiles were thought of we were marketing ears that wearer success. that is why we have not had to change our plans each year,The auburn has always been a big value.Today you can get more for your money in the AUBURN ” 40 ” than any car on the market.

This model represents the successful embodiment of all that is good in automobile building , condensed and put into a car of exceedingly simple mechanical construction and unparalleled reliability.

The designers ideas have been perfectly and accurately carried out by one of the best organization in the United States in our achievement, which is unrivaled for the money.

Look at some of the Features : Motor has four cylinders, cast individually,Five bearing crankshaft. Selective transmission.Multiple disc clutch. Shaft drive with bevel gear differential.116 inches wheel base with 36 inch wheel.

The AUBURN two cylinder touring car is as staple as wheat,Continued for 1910 without the change of a bur or bolt at $1250.

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Article Source : AUBURN ADVERTISEMENT OF 1910 & The Auto data Book