Best British sports Classic car Austin Healey 100-4 Specifications

Here is all about Best British sports Classic car Austin Healey 100-4 Specifications

Description of Austin Healey 100/4

Austin Healey, announced in 1952, is a prewar aircraft engineer and racing driver
Austin’s president, Reynard Road, spotted what was developed and produced by Donald Healey, and released it in the following year in 53.

The engine is a 2.6-liter 4-cylinder engine for the Austin A90 and a relatively large 4-cylinder engine.

Demonstrating its 90 horsepower, lightweight and aerodynamic body, it has the name 100/4, meaning that it has the ability to hit the maximum speed of 100 miles (about 160 km / h).

Austin Healey 100-4 Specifications

Austin Healey 100-4 Specifications

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The performance is excellent, and since 1953, he has participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in a works system and has achieved excellent results.

And, above all, the beauty of 100/4 is its beautiful style.

The windshield can be tilted to reduce air resistance at the highest speeds, but the style at that time feels uniquely cool.

The ride is a punchy Spartan that the 2.6L / 4 cylinder brings to this compact body, which makes it fun to step on the accelerator while driving. Although it is not an engine that wants to run at high speeds, it also has a distinctive feature that retains the taste of classic British cars.

Usually, such small and light sports cars are usually equipped with high-speed, high-power engines, but the fact that they didn’t do so has led to the great appeal of this car. In addition, it has high-end and practical equipment such as missions with overdrive, and also has a really deep mechanism.

Austin Healey was quickly described as an “American lover” in the North American market shortly after its release, and many of its production went to the United States. Compared to a simple and simple US car, healing has a lot of charm like a jewelry box, making it a very attractive car to Americans. However, its appeal has not faded from today’s perspective.

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This vehicle was also exported to the United States very early when it was released, and was registered in California.

We imported a better individual than California two years ago, and since then have done a full restore.

As for the contents, the whole body is painted from the floor to the outer panel, and the lights and electrical harnesses are all replaced with new ones.

Not only the engine but also the Mitssion is an original with 3 speed OD.
In addition, the muffler, suspension and brakes have all been renewed. The radiator has an increased core and an electric fan has been added, so you can drive without worry.

The interior has been completely renewed, from the seat to the inside, to the hood.
The hood is replaced with a new canvas instead of vinyl. All meters have been renewed.

Once, we restored the original style so that we didn’t lose it, so we’ll take the rest
I think it is better to arrange according to the owner’s preference. It can be said that it is the best one to enter a classic car event.

Also, the first four-cylinder models were produced for only three years from 1953 to 1956.
In particular, this vehicle, which is a 54-year model BN-1, has a much smaller number and is a rare car.