Best Classic Cars of Mercedes Type 280se coupe

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Various types of engines were mounted on the W111 type, a typical luxury personal coupe of Mercedes in the 1960s.

Among them, the model called the 3.5 Coupe that appeared in 1969 mainly responded to the needs of the North American market, equipped with a 3.5L V8 / M116 type engine, the largest in the series, and a more powerful driving model is. With only 3270 units produced in four years, it is now a valuable classic Mercedes.

Best Classic - Mercedes 280se coupe

Best Classic Cars of Mercedes Type 280se coupe

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Exterior/ Design 

As for the exterior, the body is gunmetal and the roof is ivory. While this area may be a part of your choice, the W111 itself is probably based on the design of an American car from the 1950s.

The design was done by Mercedes’ chief designer Paul Black at the time. The style of the Mercedes, designed by a Frenchman from the 1960s to the early 1970s, still attracts a lot of people.

Body painting is well maintained, and all plated parts are re-chromed to maintain a very good condition.


The interior uses original leather (very expensive), and all the wood seems to have been repaired once. Equipped with a power window and steering wheel, the steering wheel is equipped with a new ivory.

Naturally a cooler is also installed. Therefore, it is possible to drive very comfortably at the same level as a modern car.

3.5 Recently, 3.5 coupe / cabriolet with good condition seems to be decreasing. Rather, I think that the 3.5 coupe itself has a total production volume of a little over 3,000 and is originally rare and low. Probably there are quite a few cars that are going back overseas, and now Japan is the cheapest place to buy Classic Mercedes compared to Europe and the United States.

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