Bizzarrini GT Strada The Best Cars Of The Sixties

This article is all about Bizzarrini GT Strada The Best Cars Of The Sixties

The Bizzarrini GT Strada is named after its creator Giotto Bizzarrini, an Italian car designer who worked for Ferrari and Lamborghini, this aspect earned him his own reputation. One of his great passions was sports cars. He left Ferrari to take his own path, his goal was to beat his employers on the track.

It is considered one of the best cars of the sixties. The first problem is to ride on it, it measures only 109 cm from the ground, but once behind the wheel you can enjoy the verve of a powerful V8, 635 horsepower and no less than 640 newton meters of torque.

Bizzarrini did the same as his former collaborator Rivolta, choosing the engine of the Chevrolet Corvette, a block of cast iron of 5,358 cubic centimeters V8 very powerful.

As an additional detail, the GT Strada, which is quite thirsty because of its engine, houses three fuel tanks, two 28.4 liters and one 132.5 liters.

Bizzarrini GT Strada The Best Cars Of The Sixties

Bizzarrini GT Strada The Best Cars Of The Sixties

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History of Bizzarrini GT Strada

The Bizzarrini GT Strada comes from a very close relationship between Bizzarrini and Giugiaro, Bertone and Rivolta. The three worked to build the Iso Rivolta 300, Iso’s flagship car.

In 1963, Rivolta was finally convinced to finance the development of a more sporty version of the Iso Rivolta and the result was the predecessor of the GT 5300, the Iso Grifo.

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Exterior design of Bizzarrini GT Strada

The profile of this amazing car is the work of Giorgetto Giugiaro, when he was still young and working for Bertone. With this design, he put aside the Iso Grifo that he had designed for the time.

The first copies had their body built in aluminum, but the GT Strada had a very light fiberglass body, which could even be ordered with larger holes for the tires.



The interior much more austere than the engine, giving up superfluous luxury in the cabin and giving greater prominence to its exterior and engine.

Barely mounted two narrow seats, that if anatomical, fitted between the wide doors and the tunnel of the transmission, the decorative finishes very reduced to the minimum expression.

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Bizzarrini offered two versions, the GT Strada and the Corsa version. In the Strada version it incorporated more interior details and the ventilation was standard.

For the racing customer, or adventurous customer, Bizzarrini offered the Corsa version with a closer steering relationship, a stronger engine, a light body and no seatbelts.

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