BMW 2002 Turbo specs

BMW 2002 Turbo specs is a classic that steals all eyes, in Latin America and Colombia there is a classic sports fan club that has this model. This car was the rebirth of the brand after the crisis that unleashed the war and the failed attempt of the BMW 600 that reduced the prestige of the Bavarian brand, with the entry of this tourism the path of the brand was resumed.


History of BMW 2002  

Born in 1968, BMW 2002 went through three generations, the first occurred between 1968 and 1971, the second between 1971 to 1973 and the third from 1973 to 1976.


BMW 2002 Turbo specs

BMW 2002 Turbo specs

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First generation

In the original 2002 version, this model came with the same equipment as the 1600ti, equipped with the 121, 2-liter engine, engine with alloy cylinder head, steel block and hemispherical chambers to improve compression, camshaft in the cylinder head, double chain of distribution and 8 valves, the engine developed 102 Hp at 5500 rpm, reaching a speed of 172 km / h, box of 4 speeds. In 1968 they added a sports rudder and offered a 5-speed gearbox that was somewhat expensive for buyers.

Second generation

2002 was a success in sales, BMW improved its performance to take out its TI (International Tourism) version, the second generation changed slightly from the previous one, some bumpers on the bumpers, the inclusion of the reserve light and a light for the chocke, at the same time he took out the Tii version, the second (i) means injection, he started production two years later, in 1975 he showed his targa version with which he exposed a fully convertible car, with a T bar that provides additional protection to the occupants , similar to that of the Porsche 911, there was also a third body of 3 seats that was initially sold as 2000ti and 2000tii, for BMW it was not reasonable to place a 2003 series because the 2 referred to its two doors, this version came out to make versus the Volvo 1800 ES and Renault 16.


Third generation

This was the most controversial version, to go further in BMW they looked for an engine that had better benefits, a 6 in line was the first option they analyzed, but it was very big for the body, so they preferred to supercharge the engine, for the time the turbo was only used in diesel vehicles, its image was branded as aggressive and encouraged speed, the supercharged version came without a front bumper, it appeared with a fiberglass skirt that had the word 2002 turbo and upside down so that the other drivers by the mirrors knew who was passing them, this engine achieved 270 Hp, although the first one that was produced with a turbo was 172Hp, on the dashboard it had a clock that showed the turbo pressure, they were made with a rudder on the left , the German parliament had the words removed from the skirt for inciting war and speed, 1672 units were produced, in the United States it had a 125 Hp engine, a lighter aluminum bumper that better absorbed shock a requirement in this country.


BMW 2002 Turbo specs


Some of these cars were improved with the Alpina kit, arguably it was the Tunning company of the time, they made several advances of the engines of the 1500, 1600, 1800 and 2000 versions of BMW, the brand licensed and gave warranty on their engines. Although Alpina was against associating with BMW, it maintained an excellent relationship, in the mid-80s Alpina agreed to be the one to carry out the BMW conversions, for this reason there is no record of the 2002 with these conversions, the only ones that were identified were those of the Alpina B6 which is the BMW320, Alpina modification included street and racing version, conversions included, rudder, saddlery, forged pistons, carburetors, Header, etc.

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An emblematic car of the BMW brand, there are clubs in Latin America and Colombia that associate owners and gummies of 2002, such as the Club BMW 2002 Colombia, the car of many lovers of mechanical performance and BMW style, a collector’s item, of good walking, excellent performance a reflection of the times and the car that improved BMW’s lost reputation back then. BMW continues to be a benchmark for cars and motorcycles with high performance, status and elegance.