BMW 507 Boat

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Did you ever hear about the BMW boat? 

Yes, It exists and is the only one in the world. In 1957, the German brand thinking of expanding its business possibilities in conjunction with Lambeck, a German shipyard, where the creator of the BMW 507 Roadster car, ordered their boats to be made.

The BMW 507 was the model chosen to carry out this project, a boat based on the car with the same aluminum V8 engine and 150 horsepower, and a dash with the rudder, instrument panel, and interior space similar to that of the 507.

BMW 507 Boat

BMW 507 Boat

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Is it the only BMW boat?

For some reasons this project did not go ahead, and the trail was lost, its whereabouts were unknown. It is a unique piece, a boat with the engine of the BMW 507 that is an icon for the brand.

As a curious fact, the Colombian Felipe García and his company Mint Classics, based in Germany, was the one who took on the task of keeping track of this myth of the only BMW boat.

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It was near Holand, where he found the whereabouts of this piece, this gem. Through his company he has good relations with Bmw from where he got the manuals and with Rambek’s original catalog, he started with the project to rebuild and restore the existing parts, a project of several years, since it was very deteriorated.

They painted it in their original colors. An expert helped them restore the boat, the instrumentation, the interior, and the engine.

It was unveiled at the Concorso de Leganza, where it was exhibited by its owner. A boat that evokes the technology of the time, the most representative car of the German brand BMW, a jewel for people who admire the classics and the BMW brand, where the engine of a flagship car is used for the brand and that also it is a unique piece