British Super Sports Car – AC Superblower 1997

The superblower is a British super sports car, one would think that it is sitting in a 65 cobra, when the engine is started and the engine whistle is felt it gives the idea of the true age of the machine, it is the supercharger that is under the hood.


A supercharged 5-liter V8 engine, the same one used by the Mustan Gt. Modified by Ford to accommodate a turbocharger that allows it to generate 355 Hp, which is higher than the 250Hp produced by the naturally aspirated cobra.

British Super Sports Car - AC Superblower 1997

British Super Sports Car – AC Superblower 1997

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An authentic Retro Racer, the control devices and its interior are an experience that cannot be compared. The superblower is an upgraded version of the Shelby-created cobra that housed a Ford engine tightly under the hood.

The interior is adorned with English leather upholstery, velvet carpet, with various dash indicators (speedometer, tachometer, watch, oil pressure gauge, water temperature, voltmeter, handbrake, among others) gear stick in aluminum.

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The style is retro circular streetlights, the exterior aerodynamic line, keeps the chassis separate from the cobra, with the two longitudinal axes in aluminum tube, chrome roll bar that give stability to the vehicle. Artisanal 16-gauge aluminum alloy bodywork, perfectly welded, 60s-style wheels evoking those of Hallibrand seen on the Cobra.

Its appearance may remind us of the cobra, but the feeder envelope it brings offers offline performance, it is still difficult to beat this muscular sports car with a V8 engine, just like its predecessors is handmade, each car is a tribute to expertise of the artisans of the factory AC.

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