Bugatti type 44

Bugatti type 44

Which car should be restored, and which one can’t be saved?

To answer this question is practically impossible. Of course, it is worth considering the collection, historical and cultural value. Of course, the completeness and investment attractiveness of the model are important. Therefore, it is difficult to derive a general formula.

But one thing is certain. There are companies that have produced and produce unique machines that can be called classic. And today we’ll talk about Bugatti.

Bugatti type 44

Bugatti type 44

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The most popular Bugatti model of the late 20s. was Type 44: from 1927 to 1931.

The company produced 1,095 units. Its chassis with a wheelbase of 3119 mm, suspension on springs and mechanical brakes was almost the same as its predecessor .

The Bugatti Type 38. But if the latter was equipped with a 2-liter 8-cylinder engine from Type 35, then on Type 44 it was increased to 2991 cm3 power unit with a capacity of 80 hp, consisting of two 4-cylinder blocks with one overhead camshaft and three valves per cylinder.

A choice of open or closed factory bodies made of steel or aluminum, but some buyers turned to studios such as Weymann, Kellner and James Young.

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The Bugatti Type 44 stood taller than the Type 40 4-cylinder model, but surpassed it in sales. After debuting at the Paris Motor Show in 1927.

This model went into production along with the more expensive Bugatti Type 43, which installed a 2.3-liter 8 cylinder engine with a 120-hp supercharger. Outwardly, these cars were distinguished by rims: on Type 43 they were aluminum, and on Type 44 – spoke.

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