Caring for the Ford Antique Car

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Caring for the Ford Antique Car Article Contained –

  • Caring for the Car
  • Lubrication
  • Tires
  • Caring for Battery
  • The Generator Charging Rate
  • Keep Bolts Tight
  • The Proper Way to Wash the Car
  • Care of the Top
  • Storing the Car


Caring for the Car

Your car will give you best satisfaction if you give it proper care.   These are the main points of maintenance.The best way to care for your car is to have your Ford Dealer check it over at regular intervals.



Careful attention to lubrication is of the utmost importance.



Keep  tires  inflated  to 35  pounds  at  all  times.   Under inflation causes more trouble than anything else.Avoid rubbing tires on the curbs.


Caring for the Ford Antique Car - Lubrication,Tires,Battery,Generator, Charging Rate,Keep Bolts Tight,The Proper Way to Wash & Storing the Car.

Caring for the Ford Antique Car

Caring for Battery


Every two weeks check the electrolyte in the battery to see that it is at the proper level.The solution (Electrolyte) should be maintained at a level with the bottom of the filling tube.If below this point, add distilled water until the electrolyte reaches the proper level.

Water for the battery use should be kept in clean, covered vessels of glass, china, rubber or lead.In cold weather add water only immediately before running the engine so that the charging will mix the water and electrolyte and prevent freezing.

Access to the the battery is easily gained by removing a small plate located in the floor board in front of the driver’s seat.

Keep the battery filling plugs and connections tight, and the top of the battery clean.Wiping the battery with a rag moistened with ammonia will counteract the effect of any of the solution which may be on the outside of the battery.

A coating of Vaseline will protect the terminals from corrosion. It is of vital importance that the battery is firmly secured in its supporting brackets at all times.

If the clamps are loose, the battery will shift about in the compartment resulting in loose connections, broken cells and other trouble.To remove the battery from the car it will be necessary to take  out the  Floor  Boards.


When repairs are necessary, or if the car is to be laid up for the winter take the battery to a Ford Dealer for proper attention and storage.Do not trust your battery to inexperienced or unskilled hands.



The Generator Charging Rate


The Generator charging rate is shown on the Ammeter on the Instrument Panel.   During cold months the charging rate should be 12 amperes ; in the summer this rate should be cut down to 8 amperes.


The rate can, of course, be increased or decreased to meet individual requirements.

For example, the owner who takes long daylight trips could cut the charging rate down even less.   On the other hand, the owner who makes numerous stops, should increase the normal rate if his battery runs down.

Keep Bolts Tight

All bolts and nuts should be gone over periodically and tightened.



The Proper Way to Wash the Car

Always use cold or lukewarm never hot water.If a hose is used don’t turn the water on at full force as this drives the dirt into the finish.

After the surplus mud and grime have been washed off, take a sponge and clean the body and running gear with a solution of water and linseed oil soap.

Rinse off with cold water ; then rub and polish the body with a damp chamois skin.


A body polish of good quality may be used to add luster to the car.Grease on the running gear may be removed with a gasoline soaked sponge or rag.

The nickel parts should be polished with a good nickel polish.An excellent body polish and nickel polish can be purchased from any Ford Dealer.


Should the body or other pyroxylin finished parts of the car become spattered with tar or other substance used on roads, the spots can be removed with a solution of 2/3 gasoline and 1/3 engine oil.

Dip a soft cloth into the mixture and, using one finger, rub the spot gently until it has been removed. The rubbed spot should then be washed off with clear water.


Care of the Top

When putting down the top of open models be careful in folding to see that the fabric is not pinched between the bows, as they will chafe a hole through the top.   Applying good top dressing will greatly improve the appearance of an old top on either an open or closed car.


Storing the Car

Store the car in a dry place.


Drain the water from the Radiator, then put in about a quart of anti-freeze solution to prevent freezing of any water that may possibly remain.

Drain the old oil from the oil pan.Refill the oil pan with one gallon of fresh oil and run the engine enough to cover the different parts with oil.

Draw off all  gasoline.Remove  the  tires  and  store  them. Remove battery and place in storage.Wash the car and cover the body with a sheet of muslin to protect the finish.


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Caring for the Ford Antique Car  Article Source – A New Car by Ford Motor Company Canada 1922 ( Instruction Guide )

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