Causes of an Engine burning oil of Old Classic Cars

What are the Causes of an Engine burning oil of Old Classic Cars? 

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Many vehicles, it’s likely to be less fuel efficient due to one of the reasons. As a result, there is a tendency of fogging because of the non-combustion of the fuel and the smoke emitted by the smoke and carbon dioxide.

This is why we thought to write you a some of the reasons that affect the inefficiency of fuel. and about causes of an engine oil burning.


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Causes of an Engine burning oil of Old Classic Cars


Causes of an Engine burning oil

1 – The pressure on the tires is not properly


In this case, the lowering of the volume of the discharge and the higher discharge of the air will also affect the same, and many will fill the load with the same pressure on tires.

However, the pressure in the tires according to the vehicle model is also different, and remember you should check tire pressure weekly. This may help to limit your oil burning.


2 – Defective oxygen sensor and uncleaner air filters


Do you know about 20% reduces fuel efficiency due to oxygen sensor and unclean air filters?

Do you know that the air intake of cylinders is from oxygen censors and if the censor defects, fuel efficiency is inefficient? So, the renewal of unclean fuels and defects with oxygen sensors makes it possible to get the air out of the engines and increase fuel efficiency.


3 – Pumping through the spar plug in time


Spark requires an ignition of petrol and air, if the spark plug does not give a proper sprinkling , it is significantly impeded by the performance of the engine. Then the fuel efficiency will definitely be reduced.


4 – Invalid errors


If the fuel injector is injected into the engine, the engine is lowered if the fuel leaks out of the engine, and the engine’s efficiency decreases, and injector repairs can reduce fuel burning.

5 – Air conditioners


Instant air conditioners also increase fuel consumption and can prevent airborne, This can solve by deactivate of an air conditioners during the morning and evening.


6 – Frequent motor racing


The frequent engine races cause fuel wastage and do not expedite the engine if the engine is accelerated or if its not being used for a fuel-efficient process.


7 – Stop the car same time as it Engine is off.


Instantaneously, the only stopping of the engine is reduced fuel efficiency. Generally, for a few seconds, it may be enough and the engine’s heating will increase, so the fuel burns up. In such cases be sure to disable and stand off.


8 – Engine oil type


The engine oil used for an exhilaration also affects fuel efficiency with an accelerator, engine oil reduces engine stroke power and facilitates smooth movement between the moving parts. Therefore, it is possible to increase fuel efficiency by switching oil at an appropriate time

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