Chevrolet Motor Not Working Spits Backfires

This article is about Chevrolet Motor Not Working Spits Backfires

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Chevrolet Motor Not Working Spits Backfires,Here is Troubleshoot guide for Chevrolet Antique Cars Motor Does Not Operate, Motor Spits and Backfires and More

Chevrolet Motor Spits Backfires and Not Operate

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Chevrolet Motor Spits and Backfires

This is usually an indication of carburetor faults although the backfiring through the exhaust pipe or muffler may be due to defective ignition.

If for any reason the distributor or ignition apparatus fails to operate for a few revolutions of the motor, there is a considerable amount of unburned gas forced from the cylinders into the exhaust  pipe  and  muffler,  then  when the gas is ignited in the cylinders the flame which is  emitted  through  the  exhaust  valve ignites the gas in the muffler causing an explosion.

Backfiring and spitting through the carburetor is often due to a weakened mixture, which is slow-burning, and as there is still a certain amount of flame in the cylinder when the intake valve opens to receive the new charge of gas, the result is that the gas in the intake pipe is ignited.

The cause is usually a low gasoline supply or a clogged gasoline system, or there may be small air leaks in the intake manifold or at the connections which allows air to enter, making the mixture too lean.

Carbon deposits on top of the piston or on the sides of the combustion chamber becoming heated to a degree of incandescence will sometimes ignite the incoming charge of gas, causing a backfire through the carburetor.

One of the intake valves may be sticking and not getting to its seat in time.  It should be removed and the stem polished.

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Chevrolet Starting but Motor Does Not Operate

This is not an infrequent source of difficulty and may be caused by any one of the following:

Exhausted storage battery due to excessive use of the starting motor or lights and is the direct result of failure on the part of the owner in not observing the rules set forth for the care of his battery.

Broken or loose wires either at the battery, starting switch or starting motor.  Examine all connections and wires carefully.

Starter cables may be loose at the battery posts or have become corroded and are not making a good contact.  Remove and thoroughly clean, then cover with vaseline or petroleum jelly.

The cable leading from the negative post of the battery to the ground terminal on the starting motor may be loose at the terminal post.

Starting switch making poor contact.   Remove the switch and make necessary repairs or adjustments.

Starting motor may be “short-circuited” or may have shifted out of line.


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