Chevrolet Motor Stops Suddenly

This article is about Chevrolet Motor Stops Suddenly problems of Antique Chevy Cars.

Only for Chevrolet Antique Cars 

If the motor stops suddenly without any further explosions:

  • Examine gasoline supply.

Examine carburetor to see if gasoline is running into the float chamber.

If motor has been running along evenly and begins to miss with considerable backfiring through the carburetor and finally stops, it is usually an indication that the gasoline supply is exhausted.

When the gasoline gets below a certain point in the carburetor, an insufficient supply is furnished to the cylinders which produces a slow burning mixture with the resultant backfiring.

  • Examine the switch, and, at any point on the reverse side of the instrument board where wires are attached, at the storage battery, distributor and on the coil, for loose connections, as a wire might have become detached.

The switch may be burned out, or the key does not produce a contact.

  • Test the coil to determine whether it is burned out, and, in fact, make a thorough examination of the entire ignition system.
  • Test the wires at the distributor to determine whether electricity is getting through the ignition switch.

If it is found that the electrical connections are all tight and that there is electricity in the wires, examine the distributor, as the cam which operates the breaker arm may have become loosened and the contact points are not opening.


Chevrolet Motor Stops Suddenly

Chevrolet Motor Stops Suddenly

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History : Chevrolet Company founded by Louis Chevrolet and William C.Durant.Company established on Nov 3rd of 1911

Chevrolet Motor Stops Suddenly Article Source – This article courtesy should goes to : Chevrolet Repair Guide of 1923 by Chevrolet Motor Company.