Chevy Brakes Problems Solved

Chevy Brakes Problems Solved

this Article is only about Chevrolet Antique Cars.


Brakes are the “safety factors” of an automobile, and yet it is safe to say that the average motorist seldom gives them any thought until they have become so worn as to be ineffective.

Brake  Linings

These are made from woven asbestos and copper wire.

If the brakes are not properly adjusted so that the linings bear evenly and with the same pressure on the drums, their life, no matter how well made, will be comparatively short.

Chevy Brakes Problems Solved : Chevrolet Muscle cars Brakes issues,Car Skids, or One Wheel Locks When Applying Brakes,Car Steers Hard,Brake  Linings and etc.

Chevy Brakes Problems Solved

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Brakes “Howl or Squeak” When Applied

This is due to the brake linings becoming worn so that the heads of rivets holding the linings to the bands strike the drum, or the surface of the lining has become glazed.  If the rivets protrude, remove the bands and sink the rivet heads below the lining.If the linings are too thin renew them.

Car Skids, or One Wheel Locks When Applying Brakes

The brakes are not adjusted evenly; that is, those on one wheel grip before those on the other.  Jack up the rear end of the car and adjust the pull rods between brakes and brake shaft so that both right and left brake bands grip the wheels evenly with the same pressure and at the same time.

Brakes Will Not Hold on a Hill

This indicates that the lining is not bearing evenly and is gripping on half of the band only.

Car Steers Hard

This is usually caused by any one of the following:

Steering gear needs lubrication.

Steering knuckles need lubrication.   This is one of the most common causes.

Front tires not properly inflated.

Wheels not in proper alignment. To properly grip the road, the wheels should “toe” in at the front.

The bolts holding the steering gear to the frame may have become loosened.

If front wheels “shimmy”

Front Tires Wear Unevenly

This is due entirely to the front wheels not being properly lined up.

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Chevy Brakes Problems Solved Article Source – This article courtesy should goes to : Chevrolet Repair Guide of 1923 by Chevrolet Motor Company.