Classic Convertible La Fayette

Classic Convertible La Fayette 

History of La Fayette Motors Corp., Indianapolis, Ind.

Classic Convertible La Fayette

Classic Convertible La Fayette

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The Company beginning in 1920, And first president was W.Nash.( The president of Nash Motor company in the same time) Company located in Mars Hill, Indianapolis, Indiana.It was named for honor to Marquis de la Fayette.


Information of  Vintage automobile 8 Cylinders.

Engine Own
Cylinders 8
Bore  and Stroke .  3 1/2 * 5 1/4
Rated H. P 33.8
Brake H. P 91
Shape  of Cylinder L
Cast Fours
Valve Lift 3/8
Camshaft  Drive  … Chainv
Cooling System Pump
Oiling System Pressure force feed
Carburetor Own
Fed By Pressure
Ignition La Fayette delco single
Start and Light La Fayette delco single
Spark Plugs 7/8
Battery La Fayette Exide
Clutch Multiple Dry Dis, com-
pound asbestos
Rear Axle Make … Own
Type Full floating
Gear Ratio 4.9 , 4.5 also 4 .15 (H)
Car Drives Thru Torque tube
Torque Taken By Tube
Wheelbase 132″
Tread 56
Tires 33 x 5″
Rims Firestone
Rear Springs .Semi-elliptic 60  1/2
Weight 3810

Article Source : Auto data book

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Here is the 1922 Ad LaFayette Motors Company advertisement which is publish on 1922. 

OUR CAR has always had a future. From the very first mile driven by our very first owner, that was sure. But good as is the surest future, a flourishing present is even more good.

And that is ours now. It is with some elation, naturally, and with some solemnity as well, that we look back now over the distance we have come.

It has been not an easy progress. From introduction to acceptance, and that acceptance in the very finest sense, is a long span.  It is  a span that  every  motor car attempts, and but few attain.

We worked that our car should attain it in the first penciling on paper of its design.

Here We watched and guarded such attainment on through to the blueprints, the forge, the lathe, the testing block, the assembly line.and We put everything of skill, everything of sincerity, everything of virtue that we knew into the balance. What you and your neighbor and thousands like you think of our work now is our reward.It   It is good, as we have said, to have converted a sure future into a secure present.

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It is especially good to have been found worthy of the guardianship not only of that future and that present, but of what are the beginnings of a fair and an honorable past.  It is best of all to have built a car so fine as to have made these things possible.  Some day, we hope as you hope, such a car will be yours.