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Cool Classic Cars – Dispatch Dixie Flyer and Dodge

Cool Classic cars in early 1900’s, Here are the Information about Dispatch , Dixie Flyer and Dodge Classic cars.You can find all the spare parts details ,Model, Year & also Serial numbers info in below chart.

Dispatch vs Dixie Flyer vs DODGE Classic Cars Here are the type of infomation about spare parts,Model,Year,Serial numbers,Cylinders,Battery & etc.
Cool Classic Cars – Dispatch Dixie Flyer and Dodge


Dispatch Motor Car Co., Minneapolis, Minn.

The Dispatch Motor Car company of Minneapolis , Made an Automobiles from 1911 to 1923 time period.

Engine Wisconsin
Cylinders 4
Bore and Stroke 3  3/4 x 5″
Rated H. P 22.50
Brake H. P 35
Shape of Cylinders L-head
Cast .Block
Valve Lift 9  32″
Camshaft Drive Helical
Cooling System Thermo-syphon
Oiling System Force feed
Carburetor Rayfield
Fed By Vacuum
Ignition Bosch
Start and Light U. S. L. & H. Co
Spark Plugs  1/2
Battery .U. S. L. 12 volt
Clutch Control Unit
Rear Axle Make  Own
Gear Ratio (H) 4.12
Car Drives Thru Radius Rods
Torque Taken By Springs
Wheelbase 120″
Tread 56″
Tires 34 x 4″
Rims Stanweld
Rear Springs Elliptic
Weight 2300



Kentucky Wagon & Mfg. Co., Louisville, Ky.

Slogan “ The car that nears perfection

Here is the advertisement which is published for 1918 Contracts of Dixie car.

” Only 1000 cars for Oklahoma
We were able to secure a allotment of only the one thousand years for the state of Oklahoma for the season these will not last long.Selling privileges and dealers territory is now being allotted.You cannot in justice to yourself afford to miss the opportunity of considering the advantages of the Dixie Flyer contracts. Our proposition will prove more alternative than any other selling arrangements available to you. “


Year Model Cyl. Serial Numbers
1915-16 L-X 4 1000-3000
1917 L-X 4 3500-5000
1918 L-S 4 3500-5000
1919 H-S 4 5001-7000
1920 H-S 4 7001-



Dodge Brothers, Detroit, Mich.


Dodge Automobile company was founded as the Dodge brothers company in early 1900’s.Shop owned by brothers – Horace Elgin Dodge & John Francis Dodge.The company was located in Hamtramck, Michigan.

Engine Own
Cylinders 4
Bore & Stroke 37/8×41/2″
Rated H. P. 2403
Brake H. P 35
Shape of Cyl. L-head
Cast Block
Valve Lift.. 5/16″
Camshaft Drive Helical gear
Cooling System Pump
Oiling System Force feed-splash
Carburetor Stewart
Fed By Vacuum
Ignition Northeast
Start & Light Northeast
Spark Plugs 7/8″
Battery Willard 12 volt
Clutch Dry disc
Rear Axle Make Own
Type Full floating
Gear Ratio (H) 4.17
Car Drives Thru Torque tube
Torque Taken By Torque tube
Wheelbase 114″
Tread 56″
Tires 32 x 4″ Cord
Rims Kelsey
Rear Springs 3/4 elliptic
Weight 2560 lbs.


Year Model Cyl. Serial Numbers
1915 4 371-45000
1916 4 45001-116338
1917 30 4 116339-217925
1918 30 4 217926-303106
1919 4 303107-424146
1920 4 424147-569548
1921 4 569549-up



Dorris Motor Car Co., St. Louis, Mo.

The Dorris Automobile Company founded by George erston Dorris in 1906.Company located in St.Louis , Missouri.

Engine Own
Cylinders 6
Bore  & Stroke 4 x 5″
Rated H. P 38.40
Brake H. P.
Shape of Cyl. Valve-in-head
Cast Threes
Valve Lift 11/32″
Camshaft Drive Helical gear
Cooling System Pump
Oiling System Full force feed
Carburetor Stromberg  1 1/2″
Fed By Vacuum
Ignition Bosch
Start & Light Westinghouse
Spark Plugs 7/8″
Battery 6 volt
Clutch Dry multi-disc
Rear Axle Make Timken
Type Semi-floating
Gear Ratio (H) 3. 10/13
Car Drives Thru Springs
Torque Taken By Springs
Wheelbase 132″
Tread 56″
Tires 33 x 5″ cord (Goodyear)
Rims Firestone
Rear Springs Semi-elliptic (Mather)
Weight 3950 lbs.

Below is the More information about Year Model Cylinders and Serial numbers of Dorris Classic cars.

Year Model Cyl. Serial Numbers
1915 1A4 4 6111-6220
1916 1A6 6 8001-8140
1917 1B6 6 8141-8289
1918 106 6 8300-8392
1919 6-80 6 8400-8674
1920 6-80 6 8675-8900
4 9017-9088
1921 6-80 6 9089-up

Cool Classic Cars – Dispatch Dixie Flyer and Dodge Article Source : Auto Data Book

Pic Source :Dorris info 

If you have more spare parts information of Dispatch,Dixie Flyer and Dodge classic cars please keep a comment in below.


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