Cooling system and Breaks Problems in Old Classic Cars

In this Article we are talking few thing about Cooling system & Breaks Problems in Cars, Cooling system , Causes of engine over heating.and Few things about the break system.

Cooling system & Breaks

Cooling system and Breaks Problems in Old Classic Cars


Cooling System Problems of Old Classic Cars


Too little attention is paid as a rule to the cooling system. Many are the causes of engine overheating, too late a spark, for instance, or a muffler that is clogged, a fuel mixture too rich, or valve trouble.

A clogged water system may be responsible and will probably be the last thing looked for. The use of perfectly clean water is always suggested.

But even with all precautions a sediment is apt to be deposited and the interior of pipes and radiator tubes grow scaly with iron or other deposits.

For ordinary cleaning a solution of borax will do the work. In either case flush out freely with fresh water while the engine is still running. Incidentally clean mud from the outside of the radiator.

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Brakes Problems of Old Classic Cars


The average car owner is apt to pay too little attention to the condition of his brakes and doesn’t know that his brake linings should always he in good order.

They should be frequently tested and immediately they are found lacking in holding power should he either relined or tightened. Relining is not a difficult task in itself but the work in dissembling is such that it is better to have it done by a skilled mechanic.

Treat the brakes gently and they will not need attention for a long time. Do not apply them suddenly except in cases of emergency.