Daimler Double Six Review

Daimler Double Six Review

The Daimler Double Six, which debuted in 1971, is the finest sedan bearing the name of Jaguar’s top brand Daimler, equipped with a 12-cylinder engine developed for the E type in the XJ series sedan.

Needless to say, the ride is “excellent” and moist, yet it has a unique sporty aspect. Once you enjoy the splendor of the drive feel, you are guaranteed to be captivated.

Daimler Double Six Review

Daimler Double Six Review

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The engine is 5.3L / V type 12 cylinder 250hp. It can be said that it is a mass of overwhelming flat torque that goes through Ultra Smooth on the ground, it is an ideal thing for a car engine.

Although there is nothing significant in terms of power in terms of modern standards, its wonderful feeling that can not be expressed numerically is such that Mercedes said that it was the best performance as a passenger car engine.



The interior is also full of luxury. The combination of dark blue body and ivory is a good choice so that there is no complaint. With a touch panel made of Connolly leather and an instrument panel and console with luxurious walnut wood, it is truly the true value of Double Six.

As for this vehicle, all these are kept in the original condition as you see. Probably the surviving Double Six, which does not restore these and keeps them in good condition, is unlikely. You can see how the individual has been carefully maintained in a good environment.

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The feeling of the run is so great that it can’t be described in writing. The sound of the engine is quiet, low and sometimes gives a sharp rotating feel. The GM 3-speed AT mission is smooth enough to make it hard to tell when the gears have shifted, and although it has a heavy front feel, it runs through the curve when you notice it without feeling the heavy dust.

The feel that the narrow steering wheel gives is really delicate, and it is a car that you want to drive at a faster pace. When it comes to riding comfort, it will be flat and soft on any road surface, with a stunning flavor as if it were magical. Such a luxury car is unique in neither Mercedes nor BMW.