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Mercedes W126 vs Mercedes W222.

Mercedes W126 vs Mercedes W222. Planned (planned) obsolescence is the creation of a product with a predetermined short lifespan in order to force the consumer to make repeat purchases. It’s no secret that the leading automakers use components with known limited resources for the production of their products. This is how the manufacturer intended it […]

Homemade electric car “Proton”

Homemade electric car “Proton”. The car was born in 2002. Engineer Vladislav Kravchuk assembled it on the basis of a ready-made homemade body, which he got through the tenth hand. Who exactly created this spectacular fiberglass case is, unfortunately, not known for certain. But the approximate age is known – about 30 years. In the […]

The classic French car industry

The classic French car industry is not only Louis Renault and Andre Citroen, but also Rene Panhard and Emile Levassor – the pioneers of automobile production, who produced their first horseless carriage at the end of the 19th century! It is believed that Panhard et Levassor was the first company whose car was successfully tested […]