Do you want a Plymouth Barracuda?

The vehicles that appear in the full throttle movies (Fast and Furious or Too Fast Too Furious) are not usually chosen at random. They are cars that were successful at the time or that are currently popular and desired by the entire automotive world.

Well, the Plymouth Barracuda is one of the protagonists of the saga, sinceVin Diesel drove it in the sixth movie of this long-running and great car racing and chasing saga.

Do you want a Plymouth Barracuda? Today this classic car is still for sale, although it has become one of the desirable classic model by all car collectors.

Plymouth Barracuda


Plymouth Barracuda Born to compete with the Ford Mustang

The Plymouth Barracuda was designed to compete with Ford and its Mustang, something they would never achieve, since the legendary car of the American brand swept it for sales during the 10 years that the Barracuda was on the market. But that does not mean that it was a bad car, far from it.

After being designed, there were even problems giving it a name. Brand executives had thought of calling it Plymouth Panda, but obviously the name didn’t quite fit. Finally, and with a little more common sense, in 1964 the Plymouth Barracuda was launched.

The appearance of this first model was very different from what we have seen in Full throttle, since it was rather a mid-range car and not too sporty. The Chrysler subsidiary was not looking to attack the highest-priced segment, but the mid-priced segment, and so this vehicle may have looked too much like another of its “brothers”: the Plymouth Valiant.


Second generation: getting closer to the sports car

In its second generation, created from 1967 to 1969, Plymouth made a much more streamlined design. The vehicle was designed, according to its creators, to look like “a Coca-Cola bottle”, so where before there were straight lines and corners there were now many curves.

It was the trend of the time and neither the Barracuda nor the Mustang ran away from it. Of course, Plymouth was “obsessed” with improving the engine and making the car more and more powerful, paving the way to make it that sports car that we all recognize by this name. And that sports car was created in its third generation.


Third generation: Plymouth 

Plymouth knew that the Barracuda had to differentiate itself and stop looking like the Valiant, so they changed it entirely. They eliminated all possible matches between the two vehicles, turned the Barracuda into a high-end car, and said goodbye to the “economy car for the whole family” label.

During these years the engine continued to grow in size and power. But unfortunately that was one of the big reasons why this car stopped being produced in 1974.

With the energy crisis of the 70s, cars with large engines and little respect for the environment like this Barracuda (also called ‘Cuda at the time) were no longer attractive. They were very expensive to insure and their consumption of gasoline was excessive even for the pocket of the upper class of the society of the time.

For this reason, just 10 years after starting production, production of Barracudas was halted on April 1, 1974. Despite the fact that there were rumors in 2007 that Chrysler was going to bring it back, everything remained a rumor and It seems that the Dodge brand is in charge of maintaining the “Cuda spirit”.

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Do you want a Plymouth Barracuda?

Today this classic car is still for sale, although it has become one of the desirable classic model by all car collectors. To give you an idea, the average auction for these vehicles in good condition is around a million dollars. 

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