Ferris and Fiat Vintage Cars

This is a brief details of Ferris and Fiat Vintage Cars in early 1900, Article include the Ferris and Fiat car Engine, Cylinders, Battery, Clutch, Model, Gear, Carburetor, Cooling system, Weight and Other spare parts information.

Ferris & Fiat Antique Cars in 1910 - 1920

Ferris and Fiat Vintage Cars



Ohio Motor Vehicle Co., Cleveland

Engine Ccntinental
Cylinders 6
Bore and Stroke … 3 1/2  x 5 1/4
Rated H. P 29.40
Brake H. 60
Shape of Cylinder L-head
Cast Block
Valve Lift 5/16″
Cam Hait Drive Helical
Cooling System … Pump
Ming System Force and Splash
Carburetor Zenith
Fed  By Vacuum
ignition Splitdorf
Start and Light Lecce-Neville
Spark Plugs  … 7/8
Battery Willard
Chit •h .Dry Disc
Rear  Axle  Make… Columbia
Type  floating
Gear Ratio (H) 4.67
Car Driveb thru Torque Tube
Tirque Taken  By.. Torque Tube
Wheelbase 130
Tread 56
Tires 32 x 4
Rims Disc wheels
Rea r Springs Semi-elliptic
Weight 3200



Fiat Automobile company was founded in 1899 by the founding members of FIAT ( Givanni Angelli) , In 1910 Fiat was a Largest automobile manufacture company of Italy.Is started by making first 24 cars and today FIAT of one of the major car manufacture company in Global.

Engine Own
Cylinders  4
Bore and Stroke … 5  1/4  x 6 3/4
Rated H. P 42.03
Brake H. P
Shape of Cylinder L-bead
Cast Block
Valve Lift
Camshaft Drive Helical gear
Cooling System Pump
Oiling System Full force feed
Carburetor Zenith
Fed  By Pressure
Ignition Bosch
Start and Light Westinghouse
Spark Plugs 7/8
Battery 12 volt
Clutch Dry multi-disc
Rear Axle  Make… Own
Type Semi-floating
Gear Ratio • 2.75
Car Drives Thru Torque Tube
Torque Taken By Torque Tube
Wheelbase 122″
Tread 56″
Tires . 32 x 4 1/2
Rims Firestone
Rear Springs Semi-elliptic
Weight 4335 lbs.


More info about FIAT early classic cars YEAR MODEL & SERIAL NUMBERS.

Year Model Serial Numbers
1915 55 4
50 6
1916 56 6
55 4
1917 E-17 4
1918 E-17 4
1919 55 4
1920 501 4


Ferris & Fiat Antique Cars in 1910 – 1920 Article Source :  Auto data book

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