Generator Charging of Ford Antique Cars

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  1. Increasing or Decreasing Generator Charging Rate

  2. The Starting Motor

  3. The Ignition Coil


This Article Contained three operation instructions Ford Antique Cars : Spark Plugs, Ignition Coil & Increasing or Decreasing Generator Charging Rate of Ford Classic Vintage Cars.

Generator Charging of Ford Antique Cars

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Increasing or Decreasing Generator Charging Rate

To increase or decrease the generator charging rate, remove generator cover and loosen field brush holder lock screw. The field brush holder can be easily identified as it is the only one of the five brush holders that operates in a slot in the brush holder ring and which is provided with a locking screw.The remainder of the brush holders are riveted to the ring and are not movable.   To increase the charging rate loosen the screw and move the brush holder in the direction of rotating ; to reduce the rate shift the brush in the opposite direction.The output of the generator is indicted by the ammeter located on the instrument panel.

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The Starting Motor

The starting motor is mounted on the left side of the engine. It requires no attention beyond seeing that the cable connection is clean and tight, and the starting switch operates freely.


The Ignition Coil

The ignition coil mounted on the dash receives the low tension current from the battery, and transforms it into the high tension current necessary to produce the spark at spark plug.   Occasionally inspect the wire connections at the coil, distributor and spark plugs to see that they are clean and tight.


The Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are the medium through which the electric current ignites the gasoline charge in the cylinder. Hard starting or misfiring of the engine may be caused by dirty spark plugs or incorrect spark plug gap.Keep the plugs clean and the gap set between .025 to .030.

There is nothing to be gained by experimenting with different makes of spark plugs.The spark plugs with which Ford engines are equipped when they leave the factory are best adapted to the requirements of the Ford engine.

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Article Source : This Article courtsey should goes to ” A New Car ” Instruction guide by Ford Motor Company Canada. ( 1922 )

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