Stutz Antique Car Spare parts

This article is all about Stutz Motor Company Antique Car Spare parts Details.


H. C. S. Motor Car Co., Indianapolis, Ind

H. C. S. HARRY C. STUTZ Antique Car Spare parts Details

Stutz Motor Company Antique Car Spare parts Details

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Harry Clayton Stutz born in Ohio , And was a Automobile manufacture who is design a car for the American Motor car company in 1905. and then he Starts to work for Marion Motor car company as a Factory manager.While he is working for Marion he became one of the company racing driver.In 1910 Harry Clayton Stutz opened his own auto part company and named it Stutz auto parts.


Below is the Spare parts details of H.C.S. Classic cars Year 1922. Tour Model.

Engine Weidley (Special)
Cylinders ••.4
Bore and Stroke 3% x 554
Rated H. P 21.3
Brake H. P 50
Shape of Cylinder Valve-in-head
Cast •• Block
Valve Lift 5/16
Camshaft Drive Helical Gear
Cooling System Pump
Oiling System Force feed
Fed By Pressure
Ignition Delco
Start and Light Delco
Clutch Dry disc plate
Rear Axle Make Own
Type 3/4 floating
Gear Raito (FI)
Car Drives Thru Tcrque Tube
Torque Taken By Torque Tube
Wheelbase 120″
Tread 54″
Tires 32 x 4%
Rims Wire wheels
Rear Springs Semi-elliptic
Weight 3200

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Below is the Stutz Advertiestment publish on early 1900’s


Among American-made and European cars the  name  Stutz  undoubtedly  stands  pre- eminent on the speedway.

Time  after  time  it  has  broken  world’s records in a big field of competition.

World’s records can’t be bettered without perfect compression  in the motor, and this means leak less piston rings.

This manufacturer wrote us:

“We have tried a number of different rings, but we are willing to settle down to a one piece ring of the tried and proved type.

“We  feel your ring has given us the best service we have found in any ring so far.”

HE manufacturer of STUTZ cars uses American Hammered Piston Rings, as do the makers of thirty-five other nationally known passenger cars, trucks, tractors, and motors.

When  these firms  choose  a  piston ring for equipment, it is no chance or haphazard decision.   It is the result of careful analysis.

No other piston ring on the market has the endorsement of such a list of motor manufacturers.   It is mechanically and practically the best.

Our special process  of hammering, with  accurately  adjusted  hammering machines, insures permanent,  equal pressure  against  the  cylinder  walls. One-piece, leakless, concentric.


Stutz Motor Company Antique Car Spare parts Details Article Source  :  Auto Data Book