How is Built – Jeep Willys

Do you know How is Built – The most famous Jeep model of the world Willys.

Bantam, this was the name given in the United States Army to this vehicle manufactured in a small company called American Bantam in Pennsylvania in 1940, designed by Kart Probst who developed the prototype.

The army urged Ford and Jeep to make their own models on the Bantam platform, although the Bantam was the cheapest. The project was awarded to willys because Bantam had no production capacity. Ford made a more comfortable model with better seats, gear shifter and willys went for the power.

How is Built - Jeep Willys

How is Built – Jeep Willys

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Willys generated a characteristic front with the two streetlights incorporated into the front, the folding glass, flat hood and capacity for 5 passengers; It was a vehicle without doors, without a hood that was created for military purposes, very attractive since it was light, very versatile, had four-wheel drive, making it ideal for swampy terrain, snow, robust and resistant to the worst weather conditions.

They took out several versions among these ambulances, military transport vehicles (it was also seen with a machine gun placed in its rear part, towing artillery pieces, etc.) and a fire truck. We saw him equipped with tires, fuel tanks and radios.

The Soviets also made their own version in the GAZ kübelwagen type 82, which was a version without four-wheel drive but, like the Volkswagen, did not require water for engine cooling, which was very useful as a vehicle. cooled with water where it is not available could render the vehicle unusable.

The Germans did the same with VolksWagen’s Schwimmwagen; This one had four-wheel drive and they did it with a monocoque platform to carry it through the water. It was one of the first amphibious vehicles but had design errors. It was fitted with an axle that took it off the ground a lot and quite sturdy tires.

Willys also released vehicles for civilian use as the Willys CJ version. Today we see jeep with its models such as the Wrangler, the Rubicon, the Cherokee, the Grand Cherokee and Compass, which has made it an important brand thanks to a path that this great classic carved out.

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The Jeep in Colombia is the king of the parties in the coffee axis. In Calarcá and Armenia they hold the popular Yipao contest, which is an icon of Colombian coffee culture, since Willys has historically been the means of transportation for coffee growers.

In the Yipao Parade they put lumps on the back and make them travel only on their rear tires. Recall that the coffee axis is a mountainous area where for more than 60 years the Willys Jeep has been used to transport coffee packages, banana clusters, orange packages, chickens, mess beds and passengers, which inspired the Yipao competition.