How Many Bugatti Royale Were Made?

How Many Bugatti Royale Were Made?

The answer is 6.


The legendary Bugatti has become famous for producing the best sports and racing cars worldwide.

The Bugatti Royale was designed and built by Ettore Bugatti with the sole purpose of being sold exclusively to royalty, unfortunately it was built at the time of the great depression and as a result only 6 of the 25 that the house had planned were built and none was Sold to the nobility.

How Many Bugatti Royale Were Made?

How Many Bugatti Royale Were Made?

About Bugatti Royale

The Bugatti Royale had a 12.7-liter inline 8-cylinder engine, one of the largest engines that have been built approximately 1.4 meters long X 1.1 meters high.

This engine was based on the design of the aviation engines of the French Ministry of Air, but without having its configuration completely.

This large block was able to dispense 275 to 300 horsepower and 200 Newton meters of torque and was capable of reaching up to 160 km / h.

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Bugatti Royale Luxury car

The Royale was made by Ettore Bugatti for some negative comments comparing their cars with the Rolls Royce.

Bugatti created a car for royalty but never reached the hands of a nobleman. Of the six cars built, only three were sold to people other than the nobles.

Among the curious facts Bugatti refused to sell one of his models to King Zog of Albania, stating that the manners on that man’s table were beyond admissible.

Another curious fact about this car happened in 1928 when Ettore Bugatti said that “this year King Alfonso of Spain will receive his Royale”, but the Spanish king was overthrown without receiving the luxury car.

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Bugatti Royale Design

The Royale was huge, measuring more than 6 meters long and could weigh up to 4 tons depending on the body and was equipped with one of the largest engines ever built.

The chassis was robust, with a conventional semi-elliptical crossbow suspension in the front. In the rear part it was complemented with a second set of crossbows.

Large bands were mechanically operated through cables: the brakes were effective but, without brake booster, a muscular pilot was needed to operate them.

Reflecting some fashions of the time, the driver had a series of whale bone buttons ahead, while the steering wheel was covered in walnut.

All the Royales were individually carved and the radiator cap represented an elephant, a sculpture of Ettore Rembrandt Bugatti’s brother.

This fantastic car is today one of the most sought after classics and collectors and enthusiasts who can afford to own it.

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