How to check Ignition Coil Failure

This article is all about “How to check Ignition Coil Failure

This device is a simple device that is similar to a transformer. This plays an important role in a vehicle’s ignition system.

Petrol air mixture supplied to cylinders The spark plug must be manufactured with a voltage of 20-30 thousand volts for the purpose of producing a spark for combustion.

But for a 12-volt battery, it’s a big dream than a dream to go from heaven. It requires an IGN to produce that voltage.

If you ignore an ignition coil, you will see a primary coil wrapped in a soft iron core and a twisted twisted-coil twisted around that first coil. When there are 350 threads in the primary coil, there are a large number of 20,000 threads in the double coil.


How to check Ignition Coil Failure

How to check Ignition Coil Failure

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When the primary coil passes through a pair of “touch points” and goes into the battery, the double coil is connected to the spark plug (go through the distributor).

When the “touch lead” is touched, moving an electric current through the primary coil produces a magnetic field around the soft iron core.

Then when the spheres are removed, the primary coil will lose its current magnetic field. At the same time, a double coil is driven by a voltage or an electric driving force. But this voltage is equal to the number of threads in the double coil. It has a large number of threads and generates a voltage that is unbreakable to a 12-volt battery.

This voltage of about 20,000 volts is sufficient to generate an electric spark with a spark plug.



In such a way, an ancillary closing circuit generates a high voltage of the secondary circuit.

The coil and the mild iron core are said to have been contained in a metal jar. This high voltage triggering can cause a high heat. To fill the heat, this sack is filled with oil. This oil is also an insulator for coils.

Modern vehicles do not have distributors. Instead, the ignition coil’s high voltage is electronically controlled and distributed to each spark plug. Additionally, small spherical ignition coils are used for each spark plug, one to one or two. This modern Ignacio Coil can be placed on various locations or spark plugs without any restrictions.