Installing Connecting Rods

Installing Connecting Rods

This article is all about Chevy Old Models

When new connecting rods are installed, or, if new bearings are fitted, the connecting rod should be tested for alignment before and after it is fitted to the piston.

The rod may be slightly twisted or bent and good results will be obtained only by having the piston pin parallel with the crank shaft bearing with the proper clearance between the piston pin bosses on the piston and the end of the connecting rod.

After fitting the piston to the connecting rod, a further check can be made by clamping the connecting rod to an arbor and testing  for alignment with a combination  or carpenter’s square.


Removing Piston and Connecting Rod

Remove the cylinder head Remove the metal under-pan from frame. Drain the oil from the lower crankcase by removing the drain plug from the bottom of the case.

On the models four ninety superior,G,FA,and T disconnect the oil pipes from the lower crankcase.remove the lower crank case.On the model FB it is also necessary to remove the baffle plates in the cylinders.

Turn the crankshaft with the starting crank until the connecting rod cap has reached the lowest point of travel.

Remove the cotter pins from the castle nuts on the connecting rod cap bolts.

Mark each cap and bearing so that it may be installed in its original place and position.

Take off connecting rod cap and lower half of bearing and remove the connecting rod from the crankshaft

Place the metal shims and connecting rod caps in their respective positions and screw the nut on the connecting rod bolts far enough to hold them in place.

With a hammer handle, long screwdriver or rod, placed inside the piston from below push up, forcing the piston and connecting rod out until the bottom piston ring is above the top of the cylinder block, and has sprung out sufficiently to hold the piston and rod suspended in the cylinder wall.

Grasp the piston as shown, and lift out the assembly.


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Installing Connecting Rods article Source – This article courtesy should goes to : Chevrolet Repair Guide of 1923 by Chevrolet Motor Company.