Instructions for Running a Gear of Ford Antique Car Models

Instructions for Running a Gear of Ford Antique Car Models

This Article Contained an Instructions for Care of Running Gear,The Front Wheels,Adjusting Front Wheel Bearing,Adjusting Clutch Pedal Clearance,Speedometer of Ford Antique cars.


Instructions for Running a Gear of Ford Antique Car Models :The Front Wheels,Adjusting Front Wheel Bearing,Adjusting Clutch Pedal Clearance.

Instructions for Running a Gear of Ford Antique Car Models

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Care of Running Gear

Every few weeks the front and rear axles should be carefully gone over to see that all nuts and connections are tight, with cotter pins in place.The spring clips should be inspected occasionally to see that they are tight.

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The Front Wheels

The front wheels should be jacked up periodically and tested for smoothness of running and excessive side play. To determine if there is excessive side play, grasp the sides of the tire and shake the wheel.Do not mistake loose spindle bushings for loose bearings.Insert a cold chisel between spindle and axle when making this test to take up any spindle bushing play.

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Adjusting Front Wheel Bearing

If there is excessive play in the bearing it can be adjusted as follows : Remove wheel. Withdraw cotter key and tighten adjusting nut until the hub just starts to bind. Then back off the adjusting nut one or two notches until the hub can be freely revolved.


The clutch clearance or free clutch pedal movement is approximately one inch – that is, when the clutch pedal is being depressed it should travel one inch before starting to disengage the clutch.

This free motion provides clearance between the clutch release fork, and as the clutch facings wear, the clearance gradually decreases.   For this reason, it should be checked occasionally as under no circumstances should the car be driven without this clearance or free pedal movement.

Adjusting Clutch Pedal Clearance

The adjustment is made by removing the steel pin and turning release arm rod.Turning the rod clock wise increases the clearance, or vice versa.   Always be particular to replace the pin and secure firmly with the cotter-key.



The speedometer with which your car is equipped indicates the speed and records the mileage of your car.It also helps you in maintaining an accurate lubrication schedule.


Resetting the Trip Odometer

To reset the trip odometer simply pull out the knob on the speedometer. By turning the knob you can reset the figures at any tenth of a mile desired, or back to zero. After resetting the odometer be sure to push the knob back to its original position.



The flexible shaft should be lubricated every 5,000 miles. Care should be exercised not to bend the shaft in a radius smaller than 7°.For maximum service we recommend that every 10,000 miles the speedometer be cleaned, lubricated and re-calibrated. When this is necessary or when repairs are required consult an authorized Ford dealer.

All speedometers are sealed when they leave the factory. Under no circumstances should this seal be broken or repairs attempted by the owner.


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Instructions for Running a Gear of Ford Antique Car Models Article Source is ” A New Car ” Instructions guide by Ford Motor Company Canada (1922 )