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Jackson Old Cars – Model Engine and Spare parts

This Article is about Jackson Old Cars , Here is all the details of Jackson classic cars Value, Model, Engine,Cylinders and Spare parts.

The Jackson motor company was located in Michigan,Its was an automobile company produced vehicle from 1903 to 1923.The Jackson automobile founded by three partners together in 1902, Partners are Byron J.Carter,George A Matthews, and Charles Lewis.


Jackson Old Cars - Model Engine and Spare parts
Jackson Old Cars – Model Engine and Spare parts

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Jackson Motors Corp., Jackson, Mich.

Engine Ferro
Cylinders 6
Bore and Stroke.   3  1/4  *  4  1/2
Rated H. P 25.35
Brake H. P 48
Shape of Cylinder L-head
Cast Block
Valve Lift 5/16″
Camshaft Drive Helical gear
Cooling System Pump
Oiling System Force feed-splash
Carburetor Stromberg 1  1/4
Fed By Vacuum
Ignition Auto-Lite
Start and Light Auto-Lite
Spark Plugs  7/8
Battery 6 volt
Clutch Dry  plate-multi-disc
Rear Axle Make Salisbury
Type 3/4  Floating
Gear Ratio (H) 518
Car Drives Thru.  Springs
Torque Taken  By  Springs
Wheelbase 121″
Tread 56″
Tires 33×4″
Rims Stanwell
Rear  Springs Semi-elliptic
Weight 2800 lbs.

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Below is the details of Jackson Old Cars Model Year Cylinders Serial numbers and Value in 1922 

Year Model’ Cyl. Serial Numbers Value in 1922 USD
1915 44-45 4 50
48 6 Not 50
1916 34-44-46 4 obtainable 100
68-348 6 100
1916-17 349-350 8 20000-21925 200
1917-18 349 8 21926-21989 250
1919 350 1,400
1920 6-38


Year Type Price H.P.
1914 Olympic 5-Pass. Tour. $1,385 27
Majestic 5-Pass. Tour. 1,885 32
Sultanic (6) 5-Pass. Tour. 2,150 41
7-Pass. Tour. 2,300 41
1915 44 Road., Tour. 1,250 27
46 Tour. 1,375 32
48 (6) Tour. 1,650 29
1916 34 5-Pass. Tour. 985 20
348 (8) 5-Pass. Tour. 1,195 26
68 (8) 7-Pass. Tour. 1,685 39
44 Road., Tour. 1,135 27
46 Tour. 1,250 32
1917 Wolverine 2, 4-Pass. Road. $1,395 29
-8 5-Pass. Tour. 1,395 29
5-Pass. Detch. Sedan 1,605 29
7-Pass. Spgfd. Sedan 2.095 29
350 -8 5-Pass. Tour. 1,195 29
1918 349 (8) 2-Pass. Rd., 5-Pass. Tr. 1,495 29
4-Pass. Cruiser 1,495 29
7-Pass. Tour. 1,570 29
4-Pass. Flyer 1,575 29
7-Pass. Sedan 2,195 29
1919 No cars  built
1920 6-38 5-Pass. Tour. 2,150 25
4-Pass. Sport 2,885 25
5-Pass. Sedan 3,650 25
5-Pass. Special 2.500 25



Below is the advertisement which is posted in newspaper for Model 51 Jackson car 1911.

Touring Cars Made Into Torpedos in an Hour’s Time

“Jackson” louring models can be fitted with removable front doors and panels.For Fall and Winter use or extended towing, the protection afforded in a car of the torpedo type gives it an advantage that cannot be denied.
There are many automobile users, however, who feel  that for city driving. they do not care to sacrifice the freedom and convenience of an open car.   It is to these that we particularly recommend our Convertible Torpedo Types.   Front doors and panels me furnished a slight extra charge —the loosening of a few bolts suffices to remove them, leaving the regular. standard touring car.

Oil-Tight and Dust-Proof Construction

“Jackson— motors are of the Unit Power Plant type—Motor, Clutch and Transmission being enclosed Moor oil-
light and dust-proof case. Perfect lubrication is assured by the circulating oil system—dust and dirt are absolutely excluded from the working parts.

Full Elliptic Springs—Front and Rear

All models are hung on full elliptic springs, front and rear. Their free, easy action absorbs the jolts. This is an important factor on the Ilk of a car. The —Jackson— is the acme of comfort—rough roads can be taken without jar. In all models the weight is carried close to the ground. and the cars have a balance that is appreciated by the critical drivers.


Article Source : Auto data book

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