Jaguar E Type Series 3 Best Old Car Models of the World

Jaguar E Type Series 3 Best Old Car Models of the World


The Jaguar E-Type, which appeared at the Geneva Show in 1961, gained unexpectedly large reactions around the world and later became Jaguar’s leading sports car.

Of course, the car was made with the American market in mind, but its flowing style and powerful and exciting engine. At that time, sports cars with a maximum speed of over 200 km were negligible, and their performance was comparable to those of high-performance sports models such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes SL, and much cheaper sales It will be a huge hit model as a priced car.

Jaguar E Type Series 3

Jaguar E Type Series 3

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This model is a late model among them, and as the rival manufacturer’s sports model gradually expands the displacement, in order to maintain its advantage, the series 3 was equipped with a 12-cylinder 5.3-liter DOHC engine, the wheelbase Has been extended to ensure high-speed stability.

The engine is a newly designed 5.3-liter V-type 12-cylinder DOHC. It was the first mass-produced 12-cylinder engine made in the UK. At about 270 horsepower, there is little change in the numerical value compared to the previous six cylinder, but the powerful torque and overwhelmingly smooth and quiet feeling are as attractive as ever.

In addition, the BorgWarner 3-speed AT mission combined with this also has a good feel and contributes to the excellent touch of this engine.

Regarding the power performance, it blows up smoothly from idling to the top end and shows a really comfortable running. The high performance has not faded, and there is an anecdote that told Mercedes engineers that it was the best ever for a car engine. Also, regarding overheating, there is no problem even when the outside temperature exceeds 30 degrees, so I don’t think there is any concern when driving in urban areas.



The interior is black leather. It is still in a great condition as you can see. In the early six-cylinder model, the livability was not enough, but this series 3 has improved considerably. With an extended wheelbase, the interior length is increased and there is plenty of room in the driving position, and the riding comfort is improved, making it easy to take a long drive.

It is difficult to drive with heavy steering and clutch operation, but Series 3 with power steering and AT is a very attractive Jaguar in that respect.

Even if it is open or topped, both are cool. What further promotes this is that the optional center lock hole is equipped, and the combination with the wire spoke wheel is also smart and will fully enjoy the charm of British cars.

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E-type roadster

The style that attracts the E-type roadster is its style. All the coupe models are 2 + 2 and unfortunately one more design, but the roadster has an attractive body line that sighs. In particular, the wheelbase has been extended and the overall profile has a graceful profile. A beautifully split bumper, a slightly flareed rear fender, etc., can be enjoyed simply by placing them in the garage and watching them.