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Locomobile Old Model Cars details of Spare Parts, Value, Engine, Cylinders, Battery, Steam, Production Years of 1903, 1917 and etc.

Locombile - Find Classic cars Info of Locombile Model 48 , 38 , and Series 7 details of Spare Parts,Value,Engine,Cylinders,Battery,Production Years and etc.

Vintage Locomobile

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Locomobile Company of America, Bridgeport, Conn.

The Locomobile founded in 1899, An American Automobile company located in Water town,Massachusetts.The Locomobile began by producing steam cars.

Key people of Locomobile car production was John Brisben Walker,Amzi L. Barber,Francis Edgar Stanley and Freelan O. Stanley.

Engine Own
Cylinders 6
Bore & Stroke 4  1/2  x 5 1/2
Rated H. P 48.60
Brake H. P 89
Shape of Cyl. T-head
Cast Pairs
Valve Lift 3/8
Camshaft Drive Helical gear
Cooling System Pump
Oiling System Force  feed-splash
Carburetor Ball & Ball
Fed By Pressure
Ignition Berling
Start & Light Westinghouse
Spark Plugs 7/8
Battery Exide 6 volts
Clutch Dry multi-disc
Rear Axle Make Own
Type Full floating
Gear Ratio 3.80
Car Drives Thru Radius Rods
Torque Taken By Radius Rods
Wheelbase 142″
Tread 56″
Tires 35 x 5″ cord
Rims Firestone
Rear Springs elliptic
Weight 4950 lbs.

Find More details in below –  Year Model Cylinders and Value in 1922 

Year Model Cyl. Value in 1922 ( $ )
1915 48 6 750
38 6 750
1916 48 6 $1,000
1917 48-1 6 2,700
1918 38-2 6 $2,000
1919 6′
1920 Series 7 6
1921 Series 7 6

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Below is a Locomobile advertisement which is publish on news paper in 1920.

The railroad puts safety first.

Rolling Stock Road Bed are planned primarily for Safety.

Thousands are spent on Safety appliances.Safety in automobiling is as important as safety in rail roading.

The Locomobile is a safe auto-mobile.Its record is clean. strong, heavy axles Locomo-Site construction.

Second growth hickory wheels immensely strong, cannot come off. Substantial, safe steering mechanism  Locomobile construction.

Bronze steering wheel -no aluminum. Powerful brakes – 2 independent sets —durable and dependable.
When you & Your  family tour in a Locomobile Its feel safe also enjoy every mile. Feel free from worry.

The Locomobile
America’s Top-Notch Car

Autoists, we offer you this high-class machine, the product of the Locomobile Company of America, Bridgeport, Conn. This car has demonstrated its right to the proud position of Top-Notch Car of American manufacture today. It leads in reliability and durability, the qualities most desirable in an automobile.

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