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Maruti Suzuki WagonR Information

Devices that contribute to Hybrid functionality of the car

Lithium Ion battery
ISG – Intragated engine Generator
High-voltage wires connected to one another

ISG – Intragated Motor Generator

Instead of the alternator’s alternating current charging device, the vehicle is equipped with the same battery.
This is called a motor generator, since it can also act as a motor in addition to charging the battery.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Information

Lithium Ion battery

The vehicle’s power from the ISG is stored in the vehicle’s Hybrid function, and is placed under the Passenger Seat Belt.

Common sick acid battery

The vehicle is powered by an initial starter motor to enable its first launch (the driver initiates the vehicle’s initial drive), powering the electrical devices where necessary and, where necessary, racking the ISG.


Hybrid operation

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Information

At the same time, the lithium-ion battery makes the ISG device rotate as a motor, thereby boosting the power of the engine. This contributes to saving fuel. This additional power is provided by the ISG device in the same way as the ISG device has been shipped to the engine by the engine.

The speed of the vehicle is p.k. Less than 15 or 13 (when the driver is ready to stop) the engine automatically stops. This can be done by continuously working, such as traffic jam. This is what Idle Stop says. However, this vehicle is fitted with a standard motorcycle like a regular driver. The first initial launch of the vehicle is with the same normal starter motor. When the vehicle is on its way to Idle Stop, the driver automatically does not know when the driver is ready to start driving. For this purpose, a conventional battery is powered by the ISG device and is rotated by the engine.

After this is done, the lithium-ion battery is started again, when the vehicle is commenced and running, and the ISG device further rotates with the engine, thereby contributing to the power of the engine.

Regenerative The ISG device replaces the lithium-ion battery and the rechargeable battery at the same time as the driver is pressing the brake or accelerating the paddle.


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