Italian Luxury Car Model Maserati 3000gt

Here is all about Italian Luxury Car Model Maserati 3000gt Interior Design Features.

Maserati replaced in 1957 its A6 sports car of limited production, with a model with which it intended to reach mass production the Maserati 3500 GT, a great commercial success that was sold in coupe and convertible version.

Maserati had famous sports and racing cars on his back like the 250F with which he was world champion. The Maserati 3500 was the first GT of non-limited production that was an impressive success of which more than 2000 copies were sold.

Maserati 3000gt Interior Design Features

Italian Luxury Car Model Maserati 3000gt

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The classic Italian design twin cam (double camshaft), block and cylinder head in alloy, with wet and dry cast iron pistons and jacket. The diameter of the cylinders allowed the incorporation of two spark plugs per cylinder.


The bodies of the 3500 GT were manufactured by Touring or Vignale, for their very appropriate style and because Maserati did not have the possibility to build their own bodies, which were made of alloy and aluminum.

Maserati used the same base as his previous sports cars, but with an independent chassis redesigned and built in tubular steel. Something not as complex as the racing bird cage, but more than a simple ladder chassis or perimeter structure.

The 3500 GTi was introduced at the 1960 International Motor Show, and for the following year it became the first Italian-produced car with gasoline injection.

It had a Lucas fuel injection system. From 1961 the convertible 3500s for export markets came to light and 3500 GT Spyder and Gti Spyder were named.

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Other information of Maserati 3000gt

Engine: 6 cylinders in line 3.5 liters.

Transmission: 4-speed manual ZF.

Power: 230 horses at 5500 rpm.

Torque: 360 Newton meter.

Front brakes: Girgling disc

Rear Brakes: Drum

Front suspension: double wishbone with coil springs, shock absorbers and stabilizer bar.

Rear suspension: motor shaft with semi-elliptical leaf springs, shock absorbers and stabilizer bar.

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