Mercedes 280 se coupe

The Mercedes 280-S, was launched in 1967 in conjunction with the 250 S, 250 SE, 280 SEL models, among others, and although they incorporated engineering of previous models, it was one of the propellers of the new technology time. It became one of the most demanded models of high end cars.

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Mercedes 280 se coupe

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Let’s talk about Mercedes 280-S, It is kind of looking back, but it is also to move towards the future, since when the company decided to carry out this model it marked a before and after in its sales. And, of course, in the benefits that they would provide in the future to consumers.

In fact, with the arrival of the Mercedes 280-S, the trend of high-power vehicles and demand among lovers of these characteristics began thanks to the fact that the performance of the engine, the exterior design and its interior, were consistent with the consumer requirements, becoming a reference.

Without a doubt, this Mercedes model is worth mentioning and remembering because thanks to the great idea that the engineers of the time had, today you can enjoy last generation models that, most other brands, do not They can match.

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Engine features of Mercedes 280-S 

Motor: 2.8 L
Horses: 140 hp
Transmission: propulsion
Gearbox: manual and automatic 4 gears
Fuel consumption: 19.1 L / 100km
Torque reserve: 17%
Engine optimization: 57%
Average pressure: 10 bars
Average piston speed: 14.4 m / s

Mercedes 280-S brakes

Front brakes: 273 mm solid discs
Rear brakes: 279 mm solid discs

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Mercedes 280-S weight

Declared weight: 1495 kg according to DIN and 1570 according to EU
Empty weight according to EU: 1635 kg
Weight and power ratio: 10.2 kg / CV = 72 KW / T
Couple and weight ratio: 147 Nm / T

Exterior design of the Mercedes 280-S

It has a 4-door sedan style body that was already slowly reflecting what the Mercedes models of the future would be like. It can be seen on its front as the Mercedes logo stood out from the body, making its design very classic and stately.

In the back, specifically the trunk, was completely independent of the glass with what was a completely independent complement, although it is also possible to say that it was very elongated, making the Mercedes 280-S one of the longest models of the time.

Interior of the Mercedes 280-S

Among the many features enjoyed by the interior of the Mercedes 280-S, the highlight was: electric windows, sunroof, Walnut-type wood dashboard, automatic transmission and really comfortable seats that made the trip much more bearable and comfortable.


Would you like to have a Mercedes 280-S?

If you are of the classics and you love Mercedes, this car is an Amazing . You can still see many on the street, since its useful life is very long and is one of the most mythical models of Mercedes.

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