Best Mercedes Car Model 560 Sec Specs

This article is all about Best Mercedes Car Model 560 Sec Specs

Best Classic Mercedes – 560SEL

The w-126 S-Class, which was launched in 1979, was manufactured for 13 years and was used by VIPs around the world.

The 560SEL became a big hit model, with around 30,000 being built from 1985 to 1992, but many vehicles were imported in Japan due to the bubble economy.

Its construction is robust and solid, and it is a design before the Recycling Law was enforced as it is now, so the texture of each part is different.

First of all, let’s say it is a hard feeling that you feel immediately after running, there is a kind of unique security. It has an unprecedented S-class feel, such as overwhelming straight-line stability at high speeds and a ride with a sense of stroke.

Mercedes 560 Sec Specs

Mercedes 560 Sec Specs

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The body is roughly divided into three types: sedan, sedan long size, and coupe. Even in the long, 5160 mm in total length and 1820 mm in width, the size of a modern car is equivalent to a large domestic car.

Combined with the neat design, you will get a sharp and solid feel when you look at it now. To me, the current S-class seems to be a much more extruded style.

Especially the rear view is calm without feeling the thickness. The color is white, and the interior is a combination of velor that is more expensive than leather. This is a full option with a sunroof.


Engines Specs

The V8 model was initially equipped with two 3800cc / 5000cc engines and later upgraded to 4200cc / 5600cc. The M117 engine has been upgraded to 279 horsepower until the 1989 model and 300 horsepower since 1990.

The current model is a 300 hp model manufactured in the latter half of 1991. The feature is that there are two electric fans.

Initially, the vehicle was officially imported with a power of 238 hp, equivalent to that of the American version, and it was not very powerful for its displacement, but it was finally the full power.

Always smooth and powerful at all speeds. Other than that, high-speed fuel economy is good, and there is no complaint about the engine.

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The interior is equipped with a dark blue velor and sunroof. Coupled with the heavy door opening and closing feeling, the sense of security when getting in has a unique world that this model has.

Although it is a conservative interior like Mercedes, it is easy to use and has good visibility and it can be said to be a car that can be hit with a long drive. It has excellent livability, so you don’t get tired if you fly on the highway all day.

Few people will be restoring this model with a large amount of money, and I think it will be difficult to get a good vehicle in the future.