Mercedes E 60 AMG: the rarest W124.

Mercedes E 60 AMG: the rarest W124.

By 1989, the BMW M5 monopoly in the sports saloon class was frustrating to Daimler management. And the concern signs an agreement with the Porsche engineering department to create a car that many people know by the nickname “Top” – MB 500E.

AMG engineers were faced with the task of improving the car, which, due to production difficulties, was assembled at the Porsche factory, and at the same time improving it at low cost, because the base 500 E already cost one and a half times more expensive than the BMW M5.

The working volume of the M119 engine was increased to six liters, the power was 381 hp. The E 60 AMG was produced for a short time – from 1993 to 1994. During this time, it was built … 45 sedans.

Factory E 60s were created not so much for the purpose of selling, but also to promote a new option: for a certain amount of money, any owner of the E 500 could upgrade his car to the E 60 AMG version – all you had to do was send the Volchka to Affalterbach. According to various sources, up to 700 owners of the E 500 took advantage of this opportunity.

You can distinguish the factory version by the VIN, which includes the option code 957 (AMG Technology Package).

Now the cost of the original factory E 60 can exceed 200 thousand euros, and this is a kind of victory for AMG – hardly any M5 of that period is valued so highly. Even the Alpin B10 Bi-Turbo is cheaper.