Mercedes W126 vs Mercedes W222.

Mercedes W126 vs Mercedes W222.

Planned (planned) obsolescence is the creation of a product with a predetermined short lifespan in order to force the consumer to make repeat purchases.
It’s no secret that the leading automakers use components with known limited resources for the production of their products. This is how the manufacturer intended it to be and it can’t be changed.

That is, no matter how much you love your new car, no matter how carefully you take care of it, sooner or later it will come – obsolescence. And now it’s not only about the external image and perception, it’s not as important as the fact that technology is starting to frankly crumble. So planned and can not be saved from this.

Hence, modern cars have maintenance-free automatic transmissions, expensive spare parts, complex repairs, etc.

What will happen to our new and modern Mercedes in 20+ years?
I doubt very much that they will turn out the same legends as the W124, W126, and R129, which still have a lot of fans and are really many on the roads, especially in the regions.
Look at the situation with the W220. They died out like mammoths.
W222 will disappear even faster because they simply will not live.

Have you observed how the quality and reliability of cars changed during your life?

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