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What is Porsche Sportomatic?

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What is Porsche Sportomatic? The Sportomatic was one of the best Porsche car model’s and clutch less transmission offered from 1968 to 1980. Image source    Porsche Sportomatic Engine  The engine is a 911/61 type engine that has been used since 1973, and has a displacement of 2.4L / 140 horsepower and is equipped with […]

Super Russian Car Lada Niva

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This article is all about most famous Super Russian Car’s Interior – Lada Niva Image source Lada Niva Super Russian brand The Lada Niva / Vas-2121, an all-terrain vehicle of the Russian brand AutoVAZ, was launched in 1976, an all-terrain vehicle created to circumvent the extensive terrain of the so-called Soviet Union, an all-terrain vehicle […]