Morris Minor 1000 Classic Best British Classic Car Series

Here is all about Morris Minor 1000 Classic Best British Classic Car Series.

There are so many car brands that have been lost over time, it is difficult to remember each and every one of them. One of those brands that left to never return was the British Morris Motor Company, a classic company that became the most sold in the United Kingdom in 1924.

Today it does not exist, but that does not mean that it has left us epic models such as the Austin Morris 1000 or Austin Morris Minor 1000. A vehicle that we could consider even one of the Mini’s sources of inspiration.

Morris Minor 1000 Classic

Morris Minor 1000 Classic

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Austin Minor’s creation

In 1928 small cars were fashionable and Morris did not want to miss that ship. For this reason they hired Alec Issigonis, a promising engineer, and gave him full control of the Austin Minor’s creation project. And he did not miss the opportunity.

The first version of the vehicle, the Minor MM, sold up to 250,000 models and became the quintessential car in the United Kingdom. If I didn’t have an MM, it was nobody. And then came the Minor Series II, with notable engine and chassis improvements and even sales. Almost 260,000 sales between 1952 and 1956.

After working on these two models, Issigonis left Austin Morris and went to BMC, which would be (in part) one of the founding companies of the Mini brand.

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Austin Minor 1000

In 1956 the Austin Minor MM was updated to 1000 with an incredible improvement of engine (948 cc), bodywork and updating the entire system of fashionable lights of the time.

The vehicle was again a success and up to 2 different versions of it were created –

Minor Million : 350 special and collector models to celebrate the sale of one million Austin Minor.

Minor 1000 ADO59: a new engine, much faster (124 km / h) and unthinkable stability for such a small car in 1962.

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End of the Austin Morris 1000

At the end of the 60s it seemed that small cars were no longer so fashionable. Production ceased and Austin Morris dedicated himself to creating other types of vehicles, although sales of the Minor had reached almost 1.7 million.

It was finally replaced by Morris Marina, a small clone of the Ford Escort that never succeeded. In addition, the rise of the Mini brand began to take away much of the cake from the market for small cars, so they have nothing left but to abandon it.

You could say that the decline of the Austin Morris brand went hand in hand with that of the Austin Minor 1000, since from this model they never again became benchmarks in the market.

Would you buy an Austin Morris 1000?

Today you can still find many models of these cars, especially for British lands. How about driving one? And have it? If you are one of those who love small classics And compact, I assure you that you instantly fall in love with this amazing car.

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