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Nissan Leaf 2018 (LEAF ZE1) Auto guide

The Nissan Leaf 2018 (LEAF ZE1) car is set to come into the market with many changes.
From October 2, 2017, this car will be sent to the Japanese market and sent to the United States, Canada and Europe in January 2018.

On September 6, 2017, the Japanese automobile is powered by an electric motor of 110 km / h with standard running time of 400 kilometers. The maximum torque is 320 Nm, and the average charge is 3 kw for 16 hours to be charged and 6 kw takes 8 hours to charge. High-speed charging can be performed at 40 minutes.
Lithium Ion battery (40Kwh) has a capacity of 40Kwh.

Both the front mode and the mobile phone can detect the vehicle’s conditions and include more features than the previous model.


Pro Pilot

Pro Pilot System can auto-park and auto-play an automated track in a single lane. Here, the accelerator controls brake, steering and stop brakes.

e – Pedal

E-pedal technology reduces the speed increase by using one pedal and stops the vehicle if necessary. In this case, when the accelerator is trampled, the speed increases and the brake is released, and the brakes can be removed by completely removing the accelerator from the accelerator.


Intelligent Lane internention

Crane interruptions can be detected automatically if not automatically detected by the cranny of an unintentional path or unintentionally entered to the other party, even if the driver is aware of the driver and if he does not need the driver’s knowledge, even control of the brakes can lead to minor turning.

Blind Spot Warning

When a car comes to the invisible part of the rear view mirror from the rear view mirror in the middle of the mirror, shown in Bilded Spots, it is detected and the driver is identified.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert / Around view Monitor

The cameras are mounted on all sides of the vehicle and warns the driver about other things, including other cars that might clash in their vehicle.


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