Most Famous Japanese Classic Car Nissan Motor Fairlady z 432

This article is all about Most Famous Japanese Classic Car Nissan Motor Fairlady z 432.


Nissan Motor Fairlady z 432


The Fairlady Z (S30), which debuted in 1969, adopts a stylish design that seems to be a sports car conscious of the American market,

In a blink of an eye, it was a huge hit, with great success in the North American market.

Among them, the model called Z432 was lined up as a special model based on race specifications.
The production volume was also small, and the number was only 419 compared to the Skyline GTR made up of nearly 2,000 units, which was very small.

Nissan Motor Fairlady z 432

Nissan Motor Fairlady z 432

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The engine is named 432, meaning the S20 type, 6 cylinder / 4 valve, and Solex carburetor, which were mounted on the Skyline GT-R, and three twin camshafts.

160 horsepower is not a big deal for modern specs, but it can be said to be a first-class performance at that time.

However, the original fairlady is made based on a pure racing engine, and its feeling is sharp and powerful as a 2L engine.

At the same time as the sharp pickup and high-speed rotation without stagnation, the unique sound of the metal and the intake and exhaust sounds are mixed to produce a wonderful exhaust sound.



Fairlady interior was a perfect in all the condition. If you have an Old fairlady car you can to the easy restoration, including the dash panel, Meters and etc.

The interior has a very simple impression, but I think it has a good atmosphere. I like the design among the sporty models of domestic cars.

The body design by Nissan company, but it is still the most popular style of all models. It can be said to be an excellent style as a long nose short deck, a sports car design at the time, and a Japanese car design.

Especially the form of Z432 without spoiler and over fender emits a kind of unique characteristic.

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Expensive Vintage

Although the Z432 is already a rare and expensive vintage car, it seems that cars with high originality and low body corrosion are not coming to the market much.

In addition, owners who own a good car often do not give up unless there is enough circumstances or transfer it directly to a like-minded person, so it seems difficult to find a good car.

Year: 1970