Old American Classic cars Elgin and Erie Motors

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Elgin Automobile and Erie Motors - American Classic cars

American Classic cars – Elgin & Erie Motors

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Elgin Motor Car Corp., Argo, Ill.

The Elgine Motor car was located in Argo ,Illinois of USA , Company operate from 1916 to 1923 by Elgin Automobile company.

Engine Falls
Cylicders 0.6
Bore and Stroke x 4%”
Rated It P 23.44
Brake H. P 40
Shape of Cylinder Valve-in-head
Cast Block
Valve Lift 3/16″
Camshaft Drive Helical gear
Cooling System Thermo-syphon
Oiling System Force feed-splash
Carburt for Stromberg 1″
Fed By Vacuum
Ignition Wagner
Start and Light Wagner
Spark Plugs 7/8  .
Ba..ttery Willard 6 volt
Clutch Plate
Rear Axle  Make Columbia
Type g floating
Gear Ratio (H) 4.66
Car Drives Thru Springs
Torque Taken By— Torque arm
Wheelbase 118″
Tread 56″
Tires 33 x 4″(Firestone & Good-year)
Rims Firestone
Rear Springs Cantilever
Weight 2700


More information about Elgin Classic cars Year, Model,Cylinders and Serial numbers.

Year Model Cyl. Serial Numbers
1916 16E 6 16-1-1620
1917 17 6 17-104-17-4002
1918 17E 6 17-4003–17-7762
1919 H 6 H-104–H-2600
1920 K 6 K-2601—
1921 K-1 6 K1-10639—

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Erie Motor Car Co., Painesville,

Erie Automobile company is pioneer American company located in Painesville , Ohio.The company founded on twentieth of April 1916 by Company president Frank Meket.They used the Bran name as ” ERIE” – During the world war 1 , Company produced the Trucks.

Engine Golden, Belknap & Swartz
Cylinders 0.4
Bore and Stroke 3 3/4  * 4 1/2
Rated H. P 22.50
Brake H. P 36
Shape of Cylinder L-head
Cast Block
Valve Lift 3„g”
Camshaft Drive Chain
Cooling System … Thermo
Oiling System Force and splash
Carburetor Schebler
Fed By Gravity
Ignition Splitdorf
Start and Light Dyneto
Spark Plugs 7/8
Clutch Dry Disc
Rear Axle  Make…  Salisbury
Type Floating
Gear Ratio (H) 4.00
Car Drives Thru Torque Tube
Tcrque Taken By Torque Tube
Wheelbase 118″
Tread 56″
Tires 33 x 4″
Rims Stanweld
Rear Springs Semi-elliptic
Weight 2300


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