Old Cadillac Models

Old Cadillac Models – 1914 to 1921 details of Engine, Cylinders,Bore and Stroke, Cooling system, Oiling system, Clutch, Tires, Models, Serial numbers and Etc.

Cadillac is an American Automobile Manufacture own by General Motors.Currently Cadillac is marketing motors cars in few major countries include United States, China and Canada.

Its distributed thirty four Cadillac vehicles in addition market.Cadillac is a one of most famous and luxury motor car manufacture in the world.

Brief of History : Cadillac Automobile company established on 22 August in 1902 ,Its founded by Henry Leland and Its named after French explorer Sieur de Cadillac, Who founded Detroit in 1701.

Cadillac Slogan ”  Standers of the world ” 

Below is the details of Cadillac cars made during 1914  to 1921 , Information include Engine, Cylinders,Bore and Stroke,Cooling system , Oiling system ,Clutch , Tires ,Models , Serial numbers and Etc.


Old Cadillac Models

Old Cadillac Models



Cadillac Motor Car Co., Detroit, Mich.


Engine Own
Cylinders 0.8
Bore and Stroke FA by 554″
Rated H. P 31.25
Brake H. P
Shape of Cylinders L-head
Cast 0.4
Valve  Lift 9/32″
Camshaft Drive Chain
Cooling  System Pump, thermostatic
Oiling System .Force feed
Carburetor Own
Fed  by Pump
Ignition Delco S-A
Start and Light.. Delco
Spark Plugs 7A”
Battery de 6 volt
Clutch Dry disc
Rear Axle  Make. Timken
Type Floating
Gear Ratio 4.43
Car Drives Thru• • Springs
Torque Taken b Torque arm
Wheelbase 125″ 132″
Tread 56″
Tires .35×5″
Rims Kelsey
Rear  Springs Platform
Weight 3,950 lbs.


Details of Year Model and Serial Numbers of Antique 1914 to 1921 made Cadillac cars.


Year Model Serial Numbers
1914 1914 91005-99999
1914 A-1-A-5008
1915 51 A-6000-A-19001
1916 53 A-20000-A-38003
1917 55 55-A-1-55 S-2
1918 57 57-A-1-57 Z-1000
1919 57 57-AA 1-

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Year Model Cyl. Serial Numbers
1914 0 4 22751-23251
R 4 23252-26333
1915 R 4 26334-28340
1916 T 4 28341-31354
1917 T17 4 31355-32354
1918 U 6 32355-34859
1919 U 6 32355-34859
1920 V 6 34860-
1921 V 6 37287- up


Cadillac made nearly 2500 cars in the first year of established the company.

That was the huge numbers of the cars in early 90 made by any manufacture.And from 1914 to present Cadillac is in the Top 10 of American Automobile market.Currently Cadillac also manufacturing Sedans,Coups, SUV’S,Convertibles,and trucks.

Old Cadillac Models Article Source :  Wikipedia & Auto data book 

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