Old Cars – Metz Classic Models

Old Cars – Metz Classic Models 1914 to 1921


Metz Models 1914 to 1921 Model Cylinders Serial Number Sale Price Spare Parts Details and More valuable details of Metz Vintage classic cars.

Old Cars – Metz Classic Models 1914 to 1921



Metz Company, Toledo, Ohio


Engine Rutenber
Cylinders 6
Bore and Stroke 3  1/8 x 5″
Rated H. P 23.44
Brake H. P 45
Shape of Cylinder L-head
Cast Block
Valve Lift 5-16″
Camshaft Drive Spur gear
Cooling  System Pump
Oiling System Force feed-splash
Carburetor Stromberg  1  1/4
Fed By Vacuum
Ignition Connecticut
Start and Light  … Westinghouse
Spark Plugs 1/2  Ex. Long
Battery Willard 6 Volt
Clutch Plate
Rear Axle  Make… Timken
Type Semi-floating
Gear Ratio 4.63
Car Drives Thru Springs
Torque Taken By Springs
Wheelbase 120″
Tread 56″
Tires 32 x 4″ Goodrich
Rims Firestone
Rear Springs Semi-elliptic Stanpar
Weight 2850

Metz Models 1914 to 1921 – Year Model Cylinders Serial Number and Sale Price of 1922 in US Dollars.

Year Model Cyl. Serial Numbers Value in 1922
1914 22 4 22950-28800
1915 22 4 29101-32999 50
1916 25 4 33000-36380 75
1916 25 4 36381-40248
1917-8 25 4 40249-44600 125
1919 Master 6 50001-50650 500
1920 Master 6 50651 1,100
1921 Master 6 51000

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Below is the advertisement of Metz car’s which is published on 1914.

Winner of the Glidden Tour

Quality wins.   Competing with many of America’s expensive and best-
known cars, over an extremely difficut course embracing all conditions of endurancetesting roads and hills, the METZ team of three regular stock cars was the ONLY team that held a perfect score for the entire eight days of the contest.

“No clutch to slip                No gears to strip”

A remarkable example of low price and minimum cost of upkeep combined with the essential features of the up-to-date  car that affords luxury without extravagance.

The 34 FTZ “Z” is a high class,fully guaranteed roadster of the torpedo semi-enclosed type. left hand drive and center control. Under ordinary road conditions it travels 28 to 82 miles on one gallon of gasoline, 100 miles on a pint of lubricating oil; and 10,000 to 12.000 miles on a single set of tires.

Equipped with 4-cylinder 2214 H. P. water cooled. motor. &Ariz magneto, wind shield, extension top and cover slip, full elliptic springs all around, standard artillery wheels, best quality
Goodrich clutches tires. 5 lamps and gas generator, horn, pump and tool outfit. Its gear less transmission entirely does away with gear troubles.