Old Meteor Cars

Meteor Old Classic cars Spare Parts and Model Info is blow. All the Listed information’s are accurate.

The Meteor Old Classic cars all the details include Model, Sale Price, Cylinders, Engine, Bore, Stroke, Brake, Year of Products, Spare Parts and System.

The Meteor Old Classic cars all the details include : Model,Sale Price,Cylinders,Engine,Bore,Stroke,Brake,Year of Products,Spare Parts, and System.

Old Meteor Cars


Meteor Motors, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa.

Enginc Duesenberg
Cylinders 4
Bore and Stroke 4  1/4 x6″
Rated H. P 25.6
Brake H  P 80
Shape of Cylinder Valve-in-head
Cast Block
Valve Lift
Camshaft Drive Helical Gears
Cooling  System Pump
Oiling System Force feed and splash
Carburetor Zenith 1X3/4   L7
Fed By Vacuum
Ignition Simms Magneto
Start and Light Bijur
Spark Plugs 7/8
Clutch Dry Disc
Rear Axle  Make.. .Standard Parts
Type 3/4 floating
Gear Ratio (H)  441
Car Drives Thru Springs
Torque Taken By Springs
Wheelbase 129″
Tread 56″
Tires 32 x 4 1/2
Rims Stanweld
Rear Springs semi-elliptic
Weight 3400 lbs.


Meteor Old Classic cars Spare Parts and Model – Other info 

Year Model Cyl. Serial Numbers Value on 1922
1919 K 4 $2000
1920 R-RR 4 R600-Continued $3,000
1921 R-RR 4 to
R-0 4 5500
C 4 C1000-


Year Type Price   H. P.
1919 K 2-4-Ps. Road., Tr. $5,000 26
1920 R 4-Pass. Tour. 5,500 26
RR 2-Pass.  Road. 5,500 26
1921 R 4 626


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Below is an Advertisements of Meteor Motors published in 1923.

Because we started with  a good. thing TI years ago. and concentrated on perfection rather than on mass production —and because of our Unique methods of scrutinisation and the introduction of every detailed improvement which we considered desirable, we are now able to offer cars which have no equal for luxury and perfection at most reasonable prices.  Come and examine the  Meteorite range at the Show, and you will agree that our claims are just.

2-Seater de Luxe, £450
4-Seater de Luxe, £465

2Seater Coupe (wit]) dickey), E550
4-Seater Salaam de Luxe,       £580




base. G.V.W. 4600 lbs.  Combines utility with distinctive styling. It offers maximum loadspace plus ease of handling, loading and unload-
ing. New, wide, wrap-around windshield; roomy driver’s compart-
ment; adjustable bucket seat—all add up to driving comfort. With Merc-O-Matic Drive, it is powered with a new 176 Hp, Overhead-valve V-8 engine  the biggest ever built for Meteor Sedan Delivery. New 173 Hp. V•8 with Touch•O-Matic Overdrive or standard transmission.