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This is a valuable information of Champion Classic cars which is building 1950’s and Also about the Chandler Cars made by Fredrick C.Chandler’s Chandler Automobile company during 1910 – 1920. You can find a most of useful information such as Models, Serial numbers, Engines, Cylinders, Spark plugs, Tires, Rims and etc.

The Champion Car Manufactures was German car makers of Small cars.Champion cars designed simple and inexpensive.and also sold successfully during 1952 to 1958.Cars had remarkable low price.

Champion & Chandler Classic Cars information

Champion & Chandler Classic Cars information



Corp., Philadelphia

Cylinders 4
Bore & Stroke 3 1/2 x 5″
Rated H. P. 10.60
Brake H. P. 40
Shape of Cyl. L-head
Cast Block
Valve Lift 5/16″
Camshaft Drive Helical gear
Cooling System Thermo-syphon
Oiling System Circulating splash
Carburetor Carter & Zenith 1″
Fed By Vacuum
Ignition Delco-Atwater-Kent
Start & Light Dyneto
Spark Plugs 7/8″
Battery Willard
Clutch Plate
Rear Axle Make… Peru
Type Full floating—Semi-F
Gear Ratio (H) 450-4.25
Car Drives Thru Springs
Torque Taken By Torque Tube
Wheelbase 116″-118″
Tread 56″
Tires Goodrich 32×4″-33×4 1/2″
Rims Stanweld
Rear Springs Semi-elliptic
Weight 2400-2500 lbs.


Below are the information of Model and Serial numbers of Champion cars.


Model Serial Numbers
KO 101-
KO 200-
C-S-C 300-


Champion & Chandler Classic Cars information


The Chandler Motor Car Co., Cleveland.

Chandler Motor cars operated in United States during 1910 to 1920. Early era of 1900’s. Its founded by Fredrick C.Chandler in Cleveland , Ohio head quarters,Chandler produced a good quality , Middle class price range American cars.In 1929 the company purchased by Hupp Motor Companies.

Engine Own
Cylinders 6
Bore & Stroke 3 1/2 x 5″
Rated H. P. 29.40
Brake H. P. 50
Shape.of Cyl. L-head
Cast Threes
Valve Lift 9/32″
Camshaft Drive Chain
Cooling System Pump
Oiling System Force feed splash
Carburetor Rayfield 1 1/4″
Fed By Vacuum
Ignition Bosch
Start & Light Gray and Davis
Spark Plugs 7/8″
Spark Plugs, Prior. 1/2″
Battery Prest-O-Lite 6 volt
Clutch Dry disc
Rear Axle Make…  Own
Type Full floating
Gear Ratio 440
Car Drives Thru… Springs
Torque Taken By  Torque arm
Wheelbase 123″
Tread 56″
Tires 33×4″,
Rims Cleveland
Rear Springs Semi-elliptic
Weight 2985 lbs.


Below is the information of Year , Model , Cylinders and Serial numbers of Chandlers Cars.

Year Model Cyl Serial Numbers
1913-4 14 1-500
1914 15 6 501-2500
15B 6 2501-4000
1915 16 6 4001-15000
1916 17 6 15001-35000
1917-8 18 6 35001-65000
1919 NS-6 6 65001-
1920 NS-6 6 Not designated

Article Source : Auto data book

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The Chandler Classic cars and Champion classic cars are very rare and Expensive antique cars now a days.If you have more information to collect in this article please write it on comment section below.

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